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Previous couple of days (things picked up)

May 2, 2010

As I intended originally months and months ago, I will looking out for things until the end of the campaign (and beyond).  Here is some more:

1) Highways

A dip in the footway outside 27-29 Westminster Close, Feltham:

An open cabinet outside 44 Waterloo Close:

2) Vandalised bin

Outside 780 Bath Road, Cranford:

3) Graffiti

On Westmacott Drive (near junction with Beattie Close):

Will report on Tuesday.

Westmacott Estate yesterday morning

February 7, 2010

Only out for two and a half hours yesterday morning as I needed to get to the rugby in the afternoon.  Here are some things to report from yesterday:

1) Graffiti

The first is on the streetlight next to 9 Trevithick Close:

All of the streetlights on the path near 20 Waterloo Close and the way to Jubilee Way (probably other direction too) need attention:

The following is next to 20 Waterloo Close:

Opposite to 23 Waterloo Close:

Outside 22 Stone Crescent:

Side of 36 Stone Crescent:

Side of 48 Stone Crescent:

In Westmacott Drive (opposite junction with Pope Close):

Nice to know that Alisha is popular but still not appropriate tagging.

Near 11 Beattie Close:

View from Beattie Close at the Southville Centre:

On Westmacott Drive (junction with Beattie Close):

On Bedfont Lane (near junction with Ruscombe Way):

Next to 185 Bedfont Lane:

2) Streetsign that needs cleaning

3) Utility cabinet open

Next to 44 Waterloo Close:

4) Missing Traffic Bollard

On Westmacott Drive (near junction with Chandlers Close):

5) Land (river?) needing attention

Opposite 237 Westmacott Drive:

I will ask for the ownership to be established and for the area to receive some attention.

An evening on Westmacott

August 11, 2009

Picked up a few things.  First, I noticed the following outside 19 Pacific Close:


Will ask Highways to get this repaired.

Second, the following was near 10 to 16 East Way .  The grass needs cutting and tagging needs to be removed from the sign:


The following is in Westmacott Drive but near the junction with Waterloo Close.  A little cutting back needed:


The following was taken at streetlight 6 near (I think) 10 Appleby Gardens:


Some flytipping in Windermere Close:


The following tagging is in Westmacott Drive (near junction with Grasmere Close):


Difficult to see the following signs for Grasmere Close and Derwent Close from some angles:


The following was at the rear of 14 Ennerdale Close.  I hope that this can be removed:


Again, same location but will ask if anything can be done to tidy this up?  Do not believe that it is a Council matter but will try and find out who is responsible?


The following is in Westmacott and near the roundabout and junction with Beattie Close.  I will ask for the tagging to be removed – there was also tagging on the traffic cone at the same location:


Out and about in Feltham West

June 14, 2009

Here are some of the things picked up whilst out and about during the past week.  First some tagging in Rose Gardens:


I saw the following in Westmacott Drive (near the junction with Westminster Close) – also saw the same thing today in Ravensdale Road, Hounslow:


The following was the bin area in Westmacott Drive (near junction with Jubilee Way):


Here is the alleyway of Westmacott – nearest house is 215 (I think):


There was quite a bit of litter and here are two close ups:



The following was a footway in Ambleside Drive (opposite numbers 12 & 14):


The following two pictures were taken from one of the most Western parts of the constituency (in Field Way).  It was a Friday evening and was very pleasant indeed.



The following was taken Norbury Road.  I thought it strange for there to be so much overgrowth when the signage suggested it was a play area.


And, here are two bits of tagging in Feltham West – both in Raleigh Road – one of which was near odd numbers in 20s: