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Great win today….

June 6, 2009

….for both England & Wales in the football.   The Welsh beat Azerbaijan away with the only goal of the game.  An excellent result considering the amount of injuries and lack of experience in the team.

Why do I mention this on my blog?  First, I am a football supporter and Wales are my team at an international level (though always cheer for England) so I am pleased.  Second, I am big fan of John Toshack and the job he is doing.  He knew when he took the job on that it would take many years to take the team to where he wanted it to be.  I have big respect for people like that.

The next Government will have an extremely tough job to turn around the economy etc and it will not happen overnight.  There is a parallel there between what the next Conservative Government needs to do for the economy and Country and what John Toshack needs to do for Welsh Football.  Of course, any blog readers not into football may think this is a strange posting?

I see this as an opportunity for our Party as there is a recognition and even appetite for some very tough decisions.