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Feltham West 06/03/2010

March 7, 2010

I picked up a number of things yesterday:

1) Alleyways in Rose Avenue

A strong contrast between the two alleys.  On the positive:

And the other one:

2) Alleyway at the rear of Hanover Avenue

I entered at the side of 110 and was very concerned to see the amount of graffiti.  Here are some pictures at the side and rear:

3) Graffiti

Outside 15 Guildford Avenue:

Near 37 Princes Road:

4) Highways

Outside 3, 9 & 21 Princes Road:

Outside 25, 38, 49, 53, 61, 72, 79 Hanover Avenue:

From 28 Avenue Road:

72 Granville Avenue:

No carriageway problems in Vernon Road:

5) Sunken drain gulley

Near 12 Vernon Road:

6) Dumped pieces of wood

Outside 16 Granville Avenue:

I will report the above tomorrow morning.

Feltham West yesterday (part 1 – Allied Estate)

December 6, 2009

I visited the Rochester and Allied Estate again over the weekend.  Quite a few things to pick up.  The following was on the junction of Westbourne Road & Raleigh Road:

The following pothole was outside 44 Princes Road:

The following was next to 77 Princes Road:

The following tagging is outside 146 Vernon Road:

The following tagging on the wall and lampost is outside 138 Vernon Road:

The following post on the junction with Vernon Road looks very rusty.  It got me thinking about some others such as the one at the junction of Helen Avenue and Harlington Road West.  I will look into the policy generally and ask for the following one to be looked at:

It appears that the street in Feltham West that participted in the Micro-Asphalt pilot was Vernon Road.  There appears to have been a good job done here:

The following tagging was outside 40 Princes Road:

The following tagging is in Avenue Road but the wall is outside 39 Percival Road:

The following tagging was outside 25 Raleigh Road:

The following is outside 17 Raleigh Road:

There was some very offensive writing on the footway outside 3 Raleigh Road.  It is too offensive to include on the blog but I will be reporting this as offensive graffiti in the morning and expect that it will be removed quickly.

I am not certain if the following crack would exceed the intervention levels but I will ask Highways to look into the following outside 5 Raleigh Road:

The following is outside 68 Raleigh Road.  I will ask Highways to look into this defect (they should also look at the one opposite which is less of concern than this one):

The following sign could do with a clean – it is on the junction with Bedfont Road:

I will ask Highways to look at the following outside 64 & 66 Bedfont Road:

All of the above will be reported tomorrow morning.

Earlier today in Feltham West

July 18, 2009

Was out and about in the Allied Estate.  Took quite a few pictures.  Some tagging on the streetsign in Princes Road (junction with Raleigh Road):


There were quite a few carriageway defects marked out in Princes Road.  I will find out if these will be repaired soon:


Saw quite a lot of tagging on this equipment.  This was on the junction of Princes Road and Avenue Road.  I will ask for the tagging to be removed:


The following is outside 1 Vernon Road:


The following outside 85 Vernon Road:


The following was by 89 Percival Road:


The following outside 103 Vernon Road:


The following is outside 1 Lancing Road.  I will ask for the glass to be cleared:


The following two pictures were taken in Rose Avenue – will ask if the tagging can be removed:



Again, the following taken in Rose Avenue but the alley is between Raleigh Road and Rochester Avenue.  I wonder whether something can be done about all the litter down here but I guess that there will be ownership issues:


The following is opposite 66 Guildford Avenue:


Will report these – mostly requests for tagging removal – on Monday.