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Which US Presidential Candidate are you most like?

January 30, 2008

I read about Electoral Compass on Paul Bristow’s blog.  The site calculates which of the Presidential Candidates you are closest to in terms of policy.  As Paul points out, there are questions on abortion, gun control, and the death penalty that would never appear on a UK electoral compass.

Just took the test and the one I am closest to is Ron Paul, though not too far from Rudy Giuliani.  According to the site, my position is that I am economic right (though not hugely) and I am neither Social Conservative or Social Liberal (I am ever so slightly leaning towards the former).

The test takes a few minutes.  Where do you appear on the compass?

Latest on the US Presidential elections!

January 27, 2008

The race for the two nominations appear to be the closest in my lifetime.  The stunning victory for Barack Obama in South Carolina may have swung the pendulum back in his favour in the race for the Democrat nomination.

Who am I backing?  Unlike a number of Conservative Party colleagues, I am not comfortable in supporting a Democrat.  My choice for the GOP nomination from the start has been Rudy Giuliani but I have never known a campaign like his before, where he has adopted such a high risk strategy in putting all of his focus on Florida.  The indications from polls are that this has not been successful.  I am sure he is worried to see that the Governor for Florida has thrown his weight behind Senator McCain.  Senator McCain has always come across to me as a good man but I do have difficulty with politicians who entertain an amnesty of any kind on illegal immigration.

For any Conservatives looking for some intellectual stimulation or just something different from the GOP tent, read more about Congressman Ron Paul.  Whenever, I am in the US, I like to watch Meet the Press on MSNBC (I have recently discovered I can pick this up on Sky Digital).  I recommend the interview with Ron Paul (see link to netcast on the right side of the page.