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Meeting great people over the weekend

September 27, 2009

Earlier this morning, I addressed the congregation at the Havelock Road Gudwara.  It was my first time there and it truly is a stunning building – it even has underground parking.  I was given a lovely welcome and I was very impressed by many of the activities taking place there outside of the Halls.

Last night, my family and I attended the Celebration of Nepalese Festival (Dashain).  Again, we were given a wonderful welcome and I was able to take pictures (I did not think doing so was appropriate in the Gudwara for me to do so).

There were lots of people present and the gentleman sitting next to the Mayor is the Nepalese Ambassador:



The Mayor gave a typically brilliant addressed which went down really well with everyone.  The fact the Union Flag is displayed with pride should tell us much about the Gurkhas.


The following was a presentation to a number of people who have achieved something significant.  I know that the young gentleman receiving a certificate in the picture below lives in my ward so I was especially pleased for him:


We also received a Tai Kwondo display, which my son really enjoyed:


I am really proud of the following picture with Tul Bahadur Pun VC and his wife.  Mr Pun, just like Lachhiman Gurung VC who was also present last night, is a hero for so many people and clearly one of the bravest we have living in the  Borough.  When my children are older, I hope that they understand how honoured they should be to have been near him last night: