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Lining works at busy junction

September 27, 2012

A couple of months ago, I was requested by a couple to make enquiries about the markings on the junction of Staines Road/Harlington Road West/Faggs Road.

I received the following pictures from TfL yesterday:

The only bit outstanding are the two arrows next to the box junction that indicate where drivers turning right from Staines Road to Faggs Road or Harlington Road West need to be.  I have written to TfL about this.

Flooding on A312 Uxbridge Road

October 31, 2011

I know that the following is not in Feltham North but it will be of interest to some.  I know that Hanworth Park Councillors have lobbied hard to get something done about this ongoing problem.  West Area Committee Members received the following today:

“Following our attendance at the recent West Area Committee meeting, I am writing to advise on the outcome of our site meeting with TfL on the A312 Uxbridge Road.

This meeting (with Phil Hurst from TfL) took place on Friday 30 September and after some primary investigations, Thames Water has agreed to undertake the following.

   Complete a descale from No 56 through to No 154 (500 metres). Followingthe descale a CCTV will be carried out to look for any structuraldefects in the sewer. Although a CCTV was carried out by TfL the resultsof this further examination would be more accurate following the removal of any debris as it may be at present hiding any faults.
   Should any faults be shown up following this closer investigation Thames Water will move to rectify them.

During Friday’s investigations it was identified that certain sections of the highway will require resurfacing due to depressions which are causing ponding. The volume of water has been overloading the gullies and more gullies are required to allow the water to pass through.

With this in mind, following the works by Thames Water, TfL will resurface areas of the highway where depressions are compounding the drainage problem and drainage improvement work will be carried out to include additional gullies. Work by TfL will also be carried out to clear existing debris which are blocking the gullies.

What I have been unable to ascertain is exactly when Thames Water will be undertaking this work. I realise this is important as TfL will be unable to start any resurfacing work until our sewer is checked and any necessary repairs undertaken. However, I am confident this will be carried out in good time.”

Outside 99 Harlington Road West

March 22, 2010

I will find out if the following is an interim repair by TfL or a permanent one?

Great news from TfL

December 24, 2009

I previously posted about item 50 of the 21 September Executive Meeting.

The Executive approved the proposals – with the amendment moved by me – for submission to TfL, and they have now been approved in their entirety by TfL.

Works in Harlington Road West almost finished

September 27, 2009

I think that the works look very nice and as long as it is impossible for vehicles to mount this area (I think it is), then this will look nice for a good while.  My previous questions remain however:



Interested in what others think?

Parade(s) at Harlington Road West

September 17, 2009

A lot of work has been going on at the above and I took some pictures last week.  I think that the outcome will be a good one – it will *look* better than before – and I would never decry investment in Feltham North but I do not recall the previous surface to be dangerous etc.  I just wonder whether this is appropriate in the current economic climate?  As always, interested in what others think?






I look forward to seeing this when completed.