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Tony Blair’s book

September 8, 2010

Just noticed that the former Prime Minister has cancelled a book signing for the second time.  I do not doubt any honourable intentions he may have had but I consider it bad news.

I was a strong opponent of going to war in Iraq and think it was one of his biggest mistakes as Prime Minister.  Unlike many other opponents of the war, I do not believe he held the view he did for anything other than honourable reasons.  But for this book signing not to happen is a defeat for the tens of thousands who would love to have met the former Prime Minister.  Is it the end of such Book Signings.  Can any Prime Minister serve for a few years without making very difficult or controversial decisions?

Sounds like a fascinating read!  I understand that there are regrets and wonder whether not backing Frank Field on welfare reform is one of them?

Labour Leadership election thus far

June 8, 2010

I have not seen any condemnation from Labour politicians about the remarks made by one of the Leadership candidates in relation to about Baroness Thatcher.  His excuse appears to be that it was a joke.  Astonishing!

As for the Labour Leadership more generally, I do not think that Conservatives or the Coalition have anything to fear in any of the candidates.  From a partisan point of view, I am relieved that Liam Byrne is not standing.  I rate him very highly indeed – intelligent and comfortable with working people.  Labour were wrong to not go for John Reid when Tony Blair stood down as PM.  They were wrong not to persuade Liam Byrne to stand this time.  But I am not complaining.

Whiter than white!

May 14, 2009

During this MP Expenses scandal, I have not seen any mention of the above.  Of course, the former Prime Minister said that is what his Government would be?  Any chance of an apology or an admission of an error?  I remember being annoyed at the time but such a statement – as if any Government in the history of politics anywhere in the world has achieved this.

I continue to be shocked at what I am hearing about some of the things MPs have been claiming for.  On the positive side, the people are saying that they are not having it.  On the negative side, it remains to be seen whether politics can recover from this episode?