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Issues around Baber Drive & Hounslow Road

February 16, 2010

I have received an anonymous letter about three matters:

  1. Dog mess on pavements and grass verge on Hounslow Road between the its junctions of with Baber Drive and Staines Road;
  2. Vehicles such as refuse and fire remain unable to go down Baber Drive.  This is despite the introduction of yellow lines on the junction with Hounslow Road.
  3. Reporting two Houses that are in Multiple Occupation.

With regards to the first and third, I have reported to the relevant department.  With regards to the second, I have asked for this to be looked into.

In addition to 1, I have also written to express concern about dog mess on pavements in The Drive, Beeston Way & Cygnet Avenue.  A couple of residents also raised with me when they saw me out and about.

Latest Feltham North leaflet

February 13, 2010

In the past 48 hours (mostly today) residents in The Dell, Harlington Road West, Clymping Dene, Walsham Road, Harlington Road East, Hounslow Road, Nursery Close, Fern Grove, Park Way, Cambria Court, Brainton Avenue, Durham Road, The Drive, Cygnet Avenue, Sparrow Farm Drive, Finch Drive, Chichester Way, Denham Road, Carlton Avenue, Viola Avenue, Byward Avenue, Baber Drive, Beeston Way, Field Road, Becketts Close, Lavender Court, Gardner Place, Lansbury Avenue, The Vale, Roman Close, Mill Way, Buckingham Avenue & Rosslyn Avenue will have received a leaflet from me.

Will post casework that I have picked up later.  In the meantime, please feel free to comment on the content.

Leaves on footway (12/12/09)

December 13, 2009

Here are some of the things I saw:

Hounslow Road

This street needs a good sweep, especially in certain parts.  Here is outside 67:

Here is outside number 80:

Here is outside 139:

Staines Road

Here is between 283 & 285 Staines Road:


I did not visit The Drive personally but that is a street where lots of leaves usually fall.  I did visit Clymping Dene and some parts of the footway need a good sweep.  I will ask for these, along with Hounslow Road & Staines Road to receive attention.

Leaves in The Drive

August 11, 2009

I noticed the following in The Drive (and think I recall the same, but less of, in Durham Road):



I do not think that these leaves were fresh and will ask by when they will be cleared and why they have not been thus far.