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Out again this evening

February 17, 2010

Very cold again.  I was out and about in Tachbrook Road, Fruen Road, Shakespeare Avenue, Ruskin Avenue, Cassiobury Avenue, Letchworth Avenue, part of Bedfont lane & part of Staines Road.  No pictures but the streets, especially Tachbrook Road and Fruen Road were very clean.  Saw no litter or tagging etc.

Rubbish in Bedfont Lane

July 25, 2008

I drove down the above at around 2:45pm this afternoon and here is some of what I saw:

And, on the junction with Tachbrook Road:

Back to Bedfont Lane (Feltham West side):

And Hawkes Road (off Bedfont Lane):

I will make some enquiries about this asap e.g why this and by when resolved?