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Feltham West 01/04/2010

April 1, 2010

Visited parts I had not been to for a while so picked up quite a bit.

1) Graffiti

Near 7-12 & 13 Sydney Road:

Taylors Court:

Archer Court:

The side of 115 to 120 has a lot of graffiti.

Next to 22 Sandycombe Road:

Next to 107 Bedfont Lane:

Peach Road:

Near 13 Plum Close:

Rear of 10 St Catherines Court:

2) Damaged Bin

3) Litter in Bush

Opposite 150 Bedfont Lane and near to junction with Ashmead Road:

4) Dumped rubbish

Next to 19 Tynan Close:

Will report the above on Tuesday.

Litter at Bedfont Lane carpark

March 12, 2010

Located in the carpark between Sydney Road and the train track.  Firstly, at the end:

And, at the side of the bridge (but within the carpark):

I will request a visit and some litter picking.