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Urgent Carriageway repair (Resurfacing) – Staines Road, J/W Green Lane Hounslow and Staines Road, Feltham (between Kingston Avenue –Cassiobury Avenue)

March 26, 2010

I received the following yesterday:

“The above Highways Repair Works have been included in our programme funded by TFL.

In accordance with the Departmental Consultative Procedure, residents have been informed by letter of the nature, extent, commencement date and duration of works, copies of which is enclosed.”

Residents on Staines Road have received the following:

“I am pleased to inform you that the above repair works is part of an approved maintenance programme for your area funded by TFL.

It is due to start at night on 29 March 2010 and the main works should be completed by 1st of April 2010. The works will be carried out between 8pm to 6am Monday to Friday working. The contractor will advise of any changes to these dates by the placing of signs on the road. Contractor will be Ringway Tel:( 07764774868)

Access to properties within the resurfacing limits will be maintained as far as is reasonably practical and will be subject to the Contractor’s traffic control. Unfortunately there will be delays. Emergency access will not be affected.

Any road markings will be replaced as a separate operation, usually within one week of the surfacing work.

I apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused by these urgent works and ask for your assistance in avoiding parking on street whilst it is in progress.”

This is good news as some bad potholes emerged after the bad weather.  No-one could argue that this road is heavily used.

Walk from home to Clements Court

March 19, 2010

The alley at the side of 116 Lansbury Avenue is now looking much better and some panels have been erected:

The rear of Staines Road is not where I would like it to be but it is much better as compared when I first reported the problem and the Council has intervened as much as is legally (and fairly) possible:

Knocked over bollard outside 107 Staines Road:

Tagging on bin outside 119 Staines Road:

Tagging on barrier next to 59 Staines Road:

River Crane at Baber Bridge:

A few years onward, some of the panels are missing and this is where the litter is worst:

The following needs cutting back:

Will report the above tomorrow!

Hounslow West 13/03/2010

March 13, 2010

Picked up quite a lot today and also saw Labour out and about (wonder how much they picked up?).  Here goes:

1) Graffiti

I have already reported the following on Sutton Lane (reference 1083219):

I also noticed tagging on the wall at the entrance (not yet reported):

Near 2 Heathdale Avenue:

Opposite 4 Standard Road:

Opposite 16 Standard Road:

Osborne Road (near junction with Stafford Road):

Side of shop on Wellington Road North (junction with Osborne Road):

Bus Stop on Staines Road (near junction with Wivenhoe Court):

Near 35 Osborne Road:

Laurel Gardens (near junction with Barrack Road):

171 Martindale Road:

Next to 77 Cambridge Road:

2) Utility boxes

Bowness Drive:

Near 1 Ferndale Avenue:

And the most odd of all opposite 42 Sutton Lane:

3) Drains

The following need some attention.  First near 14 Grosvenor Road:

Grosvenor Road again (near junction with Wellington Road North):

4) Highways

Near 1 Grosvenor Road:

Near 2d Stafford Road:

Near 5 Grosvenor Road:

19 Grosvenor Road:

Opposite 30 Standard Road:

Opposite 84 Cambridge Road:

Footway outside 9 Corporation Avenue:

11 Charter Crescent:

21 Charter Crescent:

46 Charter Crescent:

60 Charter Crescent:

12 Sutton Lane:

15 Ravensdale Road:

A really good job was done opposite 18/20 Bowness Road after I reported it:

4) Street Cleaning in Osborne Road

Great to see on a Saturday:

5) Litter

Next to 54 Sutton Lane:

Next to 160 Martindale Road:

Barrack Road junction with Cardington Square:

6) Smashed glass

Near bridge on Sutton Lane:

7) Empty Properties

155 Wellington Road North has been empty for a while.  I will see if steps are being taken to bring it back into use?

A majority of the flats at St Pauls Court (off Standard Road) appeared to be empty:

But good to see the following in Wellington Road North now in use.  I remember chasing these when empty a 3 or so years ago:

8.) Beaversfield Park

Another Park looking really nice:

9) And

I could not help but notice the following on Staines Road:

Will report most sections (not section 9) on Monday morning.

Latest on alley at rear of Harlington Road West, Staines Road & Lansbury Avenue (even numbers)

March 7, 2010

I received the following on 4 March:

“The investigating Officer has visited the area and found that the land owner has cleared the accumulation from the above-named premises, that the Veolia paladin bin has been removed.

The Officer will ask the Community Environment Team to have the 3-4 mattrasses cleared.”

Here is the picture I received back:

The rear of Harlington Road West is now looking much better than before.  However, the rear of Staines Road remains a problem – here is one I took earlier today:

I have an idea why this [rear of Staines Road bit] will not be as straight forward as the other [rear of Harlington Road West] but will write again tomorrow.

Walk to Hatton Cross this morning

March 3, 2010

Picked up a few things this morning:

1) The condition of the pavements outside the shops in Harlington Road West again looked excellent and really clean.

2) Some tagging on the following utility box in Harlington Road West (near the traffic light on the junction with Staines Road):

3) Faggs Road being cleaned this morning:

The two men with their brushes and spades were doing an excellent job:

4) Tagging on bin at bus stop outside Tesco (opposite 70 Faggs Road)

5) Faggs Road allotments

I have been really pleased at the reduction in void plots on allotments in the West Area over the past couple of years.  The following looks good:

6) Sweep of pavement needed in Faggs Road (in between junction with Hatton Green and traffic lights)

It is possible that this maybe picked up today along with the other street cleaning going on in Faggs Road, but I will check.

Two things in Staines Road, Bedfont yesterday

February 21, 2010

I observed the following tagging outside 400 Staines Road, Bedfont:

And, outside the Ladbrokes (near junction with Bedfont Lane), lots of black bags:

I will report both tomorrow morning.

Latest in Faggs Road

February 18, 2010

I have just received the following:

“Further to my email of the 10 February I can now provide an update on these works, although I’m afraid it is not good news as a second collapse has been found!

The contractor has located the sewer, which is at some considerable depth below the carriageway, and will be repairing the first collapse today. It will then take until Sunday to backfill and remove the trench supports.

Once they have backfilled the first excavation they have to start the whole process again on the second collapse. Due to the second location being fairly close to the first they cannot start the second excavation until the first has been backfilled. It will take a further 7-10 days to excavate the second shaft down to the sewer and make the repair. A further 2-3 days to backfill and then 2 days to reinstate the carriageway.

It is anticipated that all of these works will be completed by Sunday 7 March and the road reopened to traffic for Monday 8 March.”

I have certainly seen the difference on other roads as a result of these works e.g. Staines Road & Great West Road.  Local residents – e.g. Hatton Green – will be informed of this latest news

Out again this evening

February 17, 2010

Very cold again.  I was out and about in Tachbrook Road, Fruen Road, Shakespeare Avenue, Ruskin Avenue, Cassiobury Avenue, Letchworth Avenue, part of Bedfont lane & part of Staines Road.  No pictures but the streets, especially Tachbrook Road and Fruen Road were very clean.  Saw no litter or tagging etc.

Issues around Baber Drive & Hounslow Road

February 16, 2010

I have received an anonymous letter about three matters:

  1. Dog mess on pavements and grass verge on Hounslow Road between the its junctions of with Baber Drive and Staines Road;
  2. Vehicles such as refuse and fire remain unable to go down Baber Drive.  This is despite the introduction of yellow lines on the junction with Hounslow Road.
  3. Reporting two Houses that are in Multiple Occupation.

With regards to the first and third, I have reported to the relevant department.  With regards to the second, I have asked for this to be looked into.

In addition to 1, I have also written to express concern about dog mess on pavements in The Drive, Beeston Way & Cygnet Avenue.  A couple of residents also raised with me when they saw me out and about.

New Trees in Staines Road

February 15, 2010

Been there a good few weeks now and I keep saying I would take a picture.  This is probably amongst the extra 1000 trees that the administration said it would plant:

I have always thought it a nice sized grass verge and it means we can get the benefit of having new trees but they are sufficiently far enough away from the properties.