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Feltham Arena Meeting

August 23, 2011

This morning, I met with representatives of Feltham Football Club and representatives of Middlesex County Football Association.  Technical in nature but I thought it was very constructive.

Before the meeting, we paid a quick visit to the Arena.  It was raining and, after speaking with one of the residents, took some pictures that I have since reported to the drainage section.

Odd side 83 and down:


I previously reported this on 1167621.  The response was:

“I write with reference to your e-mail regarding Shakespeare Avenue. The Council was made aware of an issue at this location on Wednesday, 20th July following an enquiry from a resident. The Council’s drainage technicians subsequently were in attendance on 21st July and cleansed a number of drains at the location.”

I have reported this again today on 1172363.

Over the past few days

April 26, 2010

Picked up the following:

1) Highways

Outside 81 Shakespeare Avenue:

Some carriageway defects on the carriageway between 1 Letchworth Avenue and the junction with Bedfont Lane.  Examples:

Outside 1 Clymping Dene:

Outside 12 Harlington Road East:

The footway dips at the side of 150 Field Road:

2) Graffiti

Outside 68 Burns Avenue:

Near 211 Staines Road, Feltham:

Bridge over Longford River by Burns Avenue and Ruskin Avenue:

3) Hounslow Homes matters

The grass near 1-4 Tennyson Close needs cutting:

I have been told that 8 Shakespeare Avenue is empty and there are items in the garden:

4) Feltham Arena

A constituent informed me that there had been a fire in the area and that the fire brigade had to break through barrier.  Whilst I have reported this to the correct people, I took a look and the barriers appeared reasonably secure:

5) Items or rubbish on footway

It was Sunday evening so may have been cleared but I noticed:

On Tennyson Close (outside 1 Shakespeare Avenue):

Opposite 105 Shaftesbury Avenue:

Opposite 1 Mill Way:

6) Fallen sign

On Harlington Road West (side of 27 Hounslow Road):

Will report later this morning.

Few things picked up in Feltham North 13/04/10

April 13, 2010

1) Damaged utility cabinet

Outside 87 Burns Avenue:

2) Land at rears of Shakespeare Avenue, Burns Avenue and Shaftesbury Avenue

This is one site that has improved in a major way of the past year in terms of maintenance.  The tractor had just left before I took this:

3) Graffiti

Opposite 29 Shakespeare Avenue:

4) Recent carriageway repair

On the junction of Burns Avenue and Ruskin Avenue:

Will report tomorrow.

Feltham Arena car park

April 13, 2010

Some work has been done over the past couple of days to the car park, which had been a mess.  It is now a lot better than before with various flytipping and mattresses removed.

Here are some pics:

I was out and about in Shakespeare Avenue yesterday and was keen to apologise to residents I spoke with for the lack of progress on the site.  In the short term, I am pleased that the work above has taken place and thanked the man involved.  Not only has a lot of rubbish been taken away but the large mound of tarmac has been lowered.  Soem fencing has also gone up.  In the medium-long term getting this right must be a top priority for whoever is elected in Feltham North.

Glebelands walk about

March 14, 2010

I went for a walk this afternoon and took a large number of pictures.  Unfortunately, the settings were wrong so I went back later on as it was getting dark so hoping that these pictures are sufficient.  It is true that I do not walk this area as much as I do Feltham Park, partly because Feltham Park is where I take my children.

There is quite a lot to report and I am really glad that I took a look and kicking myself for not having done so for a while.

1) Graffiti

Unfortunately not great quality but sufficient for capturing the problem.  There is a major one by the river from the Frank Towell Court Garages all the way to New Road:

The above is clearly a big problem & will be a big job, but it is one that it needed.

2) River

My personal view is that it is not as bad as I feared, though there is room for improvement (3rd, 4th and 5th pics were the worst I saw):

3) Litter/flytipping

Along the river not as bad I as feared.  Here is the worst bit:

Where there are greater problems are (i) the alley begining at Helen Avenue, which I have already reported and placed pictures on the blog, (ii) rear of Shaftesbury Avenue & (iii) Feltham Arena carpark.

Some pictures:

(ii) rear of Shaftesbury Avenue

The other side was not too bad in terms of litter:

What is clear about the above, as it is between Helen Avenue and New Road and as it on the land between Station Estate Road and New Road is that the problem is worst within the nooks and crannies.  On open space it is not as bad.

(iii) Feltham Arena carpark

This is a mess.  Here are some pics:

4) Open Spaces

This is very positive and Continental are on top of grass cutting.

Land between Shakespeare Avenue, Burns Avenue and Shaftesbury Avenue is one that is an improvement:

By Helen Avenue:

Blenheim Park also looked fine but I do not have a picture.

5) On my way home

Tagging outside 70 Shakespeare Avenue:

Damaged footway on corner outside 152 Burns Avenue:

Tagging on streetsign:

Litterpick needed between 90 and 124 Burns Avenue:

Tagging outside 127 Shaftesbury Avenue:

A lot to report and will be done in the morning.

If anyone reading this (and this applies to any other posting also) has any digital pictures, please feel free to send them and I will consider uploading them also.

Out again this evening

February 17, 2010

Very cold again.  I was out and about in Tachbrook Road, Fruen Road, Shakespeare Avenue, Ruskin Avenue, Cassiobury Avenue, Letchworth Avenue, part of Bedfont lane & part of Staines Road.  No pictures but the streets, especially Tachbrook Road and Fruen Road were very clean.  Saw no litter or tagging etc.

Leader comes to Feltham North

December 4, 2009

Yesterday morning, Peter Thompson and I took a brief walk around two sites in the ward – Feltham Arena & the land around the Feltham Ex-Servicemen’s Club.  I have some outstanding casework in relation to the latter.

Everyone knows that I have been frustrated that we have not got further with the Arena but more work has been done than even I realised.  Here are some pictures.  The first photograph is where the pitch used to be (taken from the Shakespeare Avenue end):

What the next three pictures show is just how much the land around the pitch area has been raised (the plan being to put mini pitches there).  The third of them is especially revealing in that when I climbed up from the Shakespeare Avenue end I expected to be able to walk straight back down:

Whilst my frustration remains, more work has been done than even I realised.  My hope is that Feltham FC and the Planners are in discussions because local people really want a good scheme to move forward!  The potential of this site remains.

I also noticed the following that was dumped.  The nearest location is 70 Shakespeare Avenue and is at the gate to the open space between this street and Shaftesbury Avenue:

The visit to the land around the Ex-Servicemans Club (off Bedfont Lane) was also useful.  There is clearly a lot of “dead land” and I will communicate with those who contacted me when a response is received from Corporate Property at the Council.

I also noticed that there is no mound of earth at the entrance to Blenheim Park.  In the past this was required to avoid the site being occupied (as happened in 2001).  Here is what I saw:

I will report the last two pictures.

Bit of out and about today

April 19, 2009

Took the children to Bedfont Lakes and not seen that busy before.  It was great seeing so many children out with their parents on a nice day.  I noted the new signage, which I have also seen in Feltham Park.

Paid a visit to Shakespeare Avenue also.  There has been quite a bit of large scale patching of various defects on the carriageway so I was pleased to see that.  I also noticed a lot more earth on the arena site.  I must request an inspection of the site soon!

Went to Fern Grove & Nursery Close this evening.  I was keen to see the footway at the former as the West Area Committee recently prioritised it as being in need of planned maintenance.  Whilst it was quite dark, it did not appear too bad.

The main thing I saw with the latter was that the notice board had info in it that was nearly 3 years old!!  Just about to write to Hounslow Homes about that.

Shakespeare Avenue

March 11, 2009

I have received some complaints about a number of matters recently, including the number of potholes.  I took a look this evening and residents are right to be concerned.  I have just reported this matter.