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Latest on shops on Salisbury Road

March 19, 2010

Remains a problem.  Lots of litter and inappropriate disposal of refuse:

Will report the following tagging:

And this one:

No idea why this remains a problem.  I will report and ask whether one of the bins could be placed here?

As the following indicates, one of the bins is empty:

Will report later today!

Walk from Clements Court to Salisbury Road

March 18, 2010

Picked up some things on my way.

1) Graffiti

On Green Lane (near junction with Staines Road):

Green Lane (near junction with Lawrence Road):

On Green Lane (opposite junction with Amberley Walk) – two bits of signage:

On Green Lane (opposite Virgin Atlantic Logistics):

On Salisbury Road (side of 210 Beavers Lane):

2) Litter

Behind the bus stop (opposite 6 Salisbury Road):

On Salisbury Road (side of 210 Beavers Lane):

Opposite that there is litter behind the other bus stop:

3) Damaged traffic bollard

Outside Beavers pub (Beavers Lane and Salisbury Road junction):

4) Footway opposite Virgin Atlantic Logistics

Seems to be being dealt with already:

Will report tomorrow!

Update in Beavers

November 20, 2009

I recently reported an unacceptable accumulation of rubbish (it was posted on the blog).  Here is the latest:

Back to Beavers

November 7, 2009

I was out and about at the Beavers estate this morning.  As was the case during previous visits, the estate management of Places for People appears to be very good.

One of the areas I was most keen to take a look at was the parade on Salisbury Road.  On the positive side, there is not as much dumped rubbish as previously (with one notable exception).  On the negative side, the site remains unacceptable to most residents and the condition of the car park is especially bad.




The gas canisters, as the next picture indicates, have been removed but this area remains unacceptable:


One of the more dangerous parts have been boarded up:




I saw a lot more of these bins than before, which has made some difference for the better:


The following was certainly the worst part – it is located at the side of the Pharmacist:



The Grass outside Surestart is in very good condition:


A few things for me to report on Monday.

Another long and astonishing day

June 4, 2009

I was up at 6am this morning and off to Heston to meet some businesspeople for a breakfast meeting.  A good experience and a good range of businesses.  I had to make the point that I was not in business as such but was in the business of trying to make the Council more business-like.

Voted in the morning at Longford School.  It is not typical for me to vote that early but the wife and I took the baby to the baby clinic for her to be weighed etc.

Had a meeting and then off to Beavers for a walkabout.  I took quite a few pictures.   Some good and some not so good.

Here are some of the not so good:

First picture is of the parade of shops in Salisbury Road.  I have visited this area before and blogged on what I saw.  Some action was taken and there were legal limitations elsewhere for the Council to force the situation further.  The land is privately owned.  The surface in the car park is very bad indeed.


Lots of overgrowth.


One of my pet hates – lots of black bags just lying there and exposed to the elements.  It can really bring down an area.


A closer look at the bags.


Abandoned tyres hardly make things better either.


Cracked slabs.


The appearence in front of some empty units.


Sideways view.


This is the rear of the shops – taken above them.  Some flytipping by the gates.


Cardboard boxes and litter.


A bin that needs to be emptied.


More black bags.



Outside Surestart – I wonder whether a chat between them and those responsible for Trade Refuse is required?  Another bin?


On the footway in Salisbury Road – some weeds that need cutting back.


More weeds but within the car parade area.



The following is at the junction of Beavers Lane and Salisbury Road.  I am not 100% certain who is responsible for this land but will find out.



Here is some of the more positive stuff:

I was hugely impressed by the general maintenance at the end of Salisbury Road and I understand that ‘Places for People’ are responsible.  It was the neat and tidy grass verges and the lack of litter that impressed me.




I also paid Beavers School a visit and had a great feel as soon as I walked into the building.  A very strong rapport amongst the staff, some very active Governors and an impressive use and focus on technology.   Here is the first class football facility at the rear.


The school throughout is very well maintained and again a real absense of litter etc.  Very clean inside too!


A very well worth while and productive visit.  Quite a bit of casework to progress now!