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All year round

June 16, 2010

We have started delivering the latest leaflet in Feltham North.  Picked up two things yesterday:

Refuse problem rear of Harlington Road West Parade

Yesterday morning, I took a look at the bins behind the shops.  I noticed that they were full and at the same time a gentleman tried to put two bags out at the side of 119 Harlington Road West (in Rosslyn Avenue).  I politely challenged him and he squeezed the two bags in the bin.

Here is what I saw in the morning:

And here is what I saw yesterday evening:

I have already made an enquiry with the relevant team to ask why these bins were so full on a Tuesday?

Dumped Garden Waste outside 7 Rosslyn Avenue

Someone not very considerate:

Will report this shortly.

Few streets in Feltham North

April 10, 2010

Such a lovely evening that I went out for a stroll (and a few deliveries).  I enjoy being out and about throughout the constituency but what is especially pleasant about seeing people in Feltham North is that I do not get the “we only see you lot [politicians] at election time” or “you all make your promises” etc.  Do not get me wrong, I am not claiming that everyone agrees with me in my ward but I do believe that the vast majority in Feltham North recognise that they do hear from their Councillors all year round.

I have previously been asked why I do not have *after* photographs on the blog.  Well, I recently chased a repair of a footway defect outside 27/29 Buckingham Avenue.  A good job has been done and I noticed it yesterday:

I continue to keep an eye at the side of the shops (side of 119 Harlington Road West).  It is rare that I now see the bags out early at this location and I was going to say “steady tapping breaks the stone” but saw this:

Nice to have the brighter and drier evenings!

Evening rain continues

March 25, 2010

but got out a little yesterday evening.  Not picked up much to report.  First one is a defect outside 27/29 Buckingham Avenue:

I have been made to understand that the latter of the above is a repair not yet complete.

Outside 14 Rosslyn Avenue:

Will report later today.

Things picked up in Feltham North earlier today

February 13, 2010

1) Highways

I do not think I have ever seen so many defects marked up for repair on footways in my ward.  Either there has been planned visits or someone has pre-empting my post today.

Here are some defects not yet picked up.  The first is outside 88 Harlington Road West and I trust it is a temporary repair.  I will find out – I am confident that it is a TfL matter:

The following is outside 99 Harlington Road West:

Outside 117 Carlton Avenue, I noticed that the lines around the defect have faded.  Will check it will be repaired soon:

Opposite 144 Hounslow Road:

Here is a selection of ones already picked up.  First between 4 &6 Baber Drive:

10 Denham Road:

12 Lansbury Avenue:

40 Viola Avenue:

44 Carlton Avenue:

121 Field Road:

The Vale:

Update 14 Feb:

One I saw in Clive Road:

2) Graffiti

Near 13 Denham Road:

By 56 Rosslyn Avenue:

72 Harlington Road West:

Between 1 & 2 Beeston Way:

Near 178 Sparrow Farm Drive (all three streetlights):

Sign next to 119 Harlington Road West:

Next to 159 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Further down the alley there is graffit on the wall (need to walk to the end):

Near 58 Buckingham Avenue:

Opposite 61 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Opposite 69 Beeston Way:

Side of 119 Harlington Road West:

3) Blocked drain

Outside 49 Harlington Road West (not the slip road):

4) Waste

I am pleased that the problem of bags out early at the side of 119 Harlington Road West has pretty much gone away (though one small bag there today), I notice the following at the rear:

I am concerned to see how flowing it was on a Saturday morning.

And someone has dumped manure in The Vale (near the junction with Hounslow Road):

5) Entrance to former Eldridge House

I noted the following earlier today:

I reported the above in December (reference 1069674) – will ask why the problem remains?

6) Hedge preventing use of footway

The following opposite 85 Beeston Way was mentioned to me in December.  No real change today.

7) Latest with conservatory at Lavender Court:

8 ) Street cleaning request in Hounslow Road

The following outside 80 Hounslow Road needs a good sweep and clean:

And the following is a regular problem outside 41 Hounslow Road but again a clean and sweep would be appreciated:

Where applicable, I will report the above on Monday morning.

Latest Feltham North leaflet

February 13, 2010

In the past 48 hours (mostly today) residents in The Dell, Harlington Road West, Clymping Dene, Walsham Road, Harlington Road East, Hounslow Road, Nursery Close, Fern Grove, Park Way, Cambria Court, Brainton Avenue, Durham Road, The Drive, Cygnet Avenue, Sparrow Farm Drive, Finch Drive, Chichester Way, Denham Road, Carlton Avenue, Viola Avenue, Byward Avenue, Baber Drive, Beeston Way, Field Road, Becketts Close, Lavender Court, Gardner Place, Lansbury Avenue, The Vale, Roman Close, Mill Way, Buckingham Avenue & Rosslyn Avenue will have received a leaflet from me.

Will post casework that I have picked up later.  In the meantime, please feel free to comment on the content.

Walking into Leisure West

June 28, 2009

I was coming to the end of Victoria Road and approaching the Bingo when I saw the following near the new development.  I wish people would not throw litter like this – will report and see what can be done to (i) remove and (ii) prevent it from building up like that again:



And, I have not forgotten about the ongoing problem in Rosslyn Avenue (taken around 7pm today):


Update: Here is what the side of 119 Harlington Road West looked like this morning – totally unacceptable as collection is not until Friday:


Latest on Rosslyn Avenue

June 8, 2009

Around midday yesterday, I saw the following:




At 3pm, some things had been removed:


Still unacceptable, especially as I have been informed that the new bin at the rear of the shops on Harlington Road West has been delivered and is operational.  I fear that this could be an example of once a problem develops, it gets much harder to resolve ie. some people have taken this as a signal that dumping at this location is acceptable?

Latest in Rosslyn Avenue

June 1, 2009

Here is what I saw this morning:


I did notice two upright bins at the rear of the shops so am uncertain if these are the new bins?  I will find out.  I am aware that most residents who live in the area are fed up of seeing this unpleasant behaviour.

Latest on bags out early in Rosslyn Avenue

May 28, 2009

As of last night (Wednesday):


Ongoing problem in Rosslyn Avenue

May 24, 2009

A number of residents have complained about bags being put out early in Rosslyn Avenue at the side of 119 Harlington Road West.  I share these concerns.  It was a real problem a few years ago and eventually went away.  Over the past couple of months or so, it has returned.  I have reported the matter a number of times.

I received the following on Friday:

“Bags are appearing against the wall, there is a bin upside down in the back yard which is a Hounslow bin, the pictures look as if the bin is broken.
If this bin is for the flats, which we believe it is, the bin needs replacing to stop residents putting the bags out on the footway.
The resident that raised this has been informed of the situation.
We arranged for the bags to be removed earlier in the week. Collection day is today. We have lettered the parade before many times.  We will letter again asking the flats to keep bags on their property until collection day. However the solution is probably to but a new bin back in the rear service road for the flats to use.
Waste and recycling have been informed regarding the broken bin collection and siting a new bin. That should help to stop this issue.”

I look forward to this new bin arriving because as of yesterday (one day after collection) this is what I saw:


I very much hope that this issue of bags out early will rise up the agenda over the next few years.  I totally understand why it upsets residents.

In the meantime, I will report this matter on Tuesday.