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What the other side is saying (Que?)

December 9, 2011

There is a claim from the Lib Dems:

“The Conservatives that ran Hounslow from 2006-2010 gave us more tax rises and poorer services”

Which were these?  The Lib-Dem candidate will know about this blog and is free to post the answer.

There is a claim from two people on different forums that I used to report this and that via my blog when previously a candidate and then afterwards, “zilch”.

Three responses:

  1. See link to archive (by month) on the right;
  2. One of these two people was challenged to submit a Freedom of Information request on how much casework I do.  He is free to forward the response he had to me or comment on his findings via this blog;
  3. The same person who had also accused me of being on holiday since the election was asked what – using the blog activity to make his claim – meant for 98% of Councillors who do not blog at all?  Never seen an answer but then he is not obliged to give one.  Thankfully, I answer questions when they are put to me.

I suppose next one of my opponents will claim that leaflets are only going out in Feltham North because there is a by-election and I have never delivered one, unless there is a vote coming, before?