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A little more delivery this evening

July 22, 2008

Lovely weather!  I took my time and delivered the latest Half Year Report to Gladstone Avenue and Helen Avenue.  Of course, this was only possible because the planned Borough Council had been cancelled.

Picked up two bits of case work but did not get talking to many people.  Maybe everyone was having a pleasant time in their back gardens?

Do feel free to post any feedback – good or bad – on the latest leaflet.

Some of you may have noticed the digging up of the new pedestrian island in Staines Road earlier today.  This follows on from an email that was sent by a constituent (and copied to me) regarding drainage problems.  That is what the work today has been about.  I hope to see the lining corrected by the beginning of next week.

For those who have not seen the new island, here it the picture that is also on the front of the leaflet:

Back to the weather, I think we are in for a very warm night.

The next Half Year Report in Feltham North

July 7, 2008

Now that the Pedestrian Island in Staines Road is complete (I hope to post about this in the next few days), we are ready to draft the next leaflet.

Whilst, we already have too much to cover one leaflet, do shout if you would like updates on anything specific and you believe other residents would be interested also!