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Feltham & Heston Conservative Association AGM

February 13, 2010

I attended the AGM yesterday evening.  As with any other AGM, there was a need to go through Accounts and get reports from certain Officers of the Association such as the Chairman, Tony Viney.  Towards the end of the agenda, Tony Arbour and I gave short speeches.  The mood was very positive and everyone is proud of how far we have campaign as a fighting force and in terms of the extent to which we have turned around the Council for the better.  It is always a pleasure to have Tony Gurrin (President) chair the AGM – I gave him a mention yesterday.

Here is me giving my speech:

(LtoR:  John Davies, Tony Gurrin, Mark Bowen, Liz Mammatt)

I am blocking Tony Viney who was in the front.

It was brilliant to have Patrick Ground and Matthew Carrington.  The former needs no introduction and the latter was the MP for Fulham between 1987 & 1997.  Since then he has been one of the most active volunteers for the party in London – lots of people have huge time for him.  The type of guy who gives brilliant advice even when you meet him for the first time.

Some more pictures:

(Mark Bowen & Tony Gurrin)

(Matthew Carrington & Mark Bowen)

(Mark Bowen & Tony Viney)

Annoyingly, I deleted some pictures, including ones with Patrick Ground & John Davies (my rock Agent).

Hansard goes back further

July 27, 2009

I have a confession to make – I love Hansard.  Furthermore, I enjoy reading maiden speeches.

I found out this lunchtime that it is now possible to go far back as 1950.  Before that, it was only possible to go back (online) to 1988.

Naturally, the first speech I went for was the one made by Patrick Ground.  I note – having also read the one made by Margaret Thatcher when she was first elected – that MPs seemed to speak far less about their constituency when making their maiden speech as compared to today when new Members enter the House.  I get the impression that Patrick was unusual in that he was genuinely very popular with all sides of the house, even amongst those who disagreed with him on most things.

And, here is the maiden speech made by Denzil Davies.  He was the MP in the constituency where I grew up and actually did speak about his constituency – I recongised the description too.  I looked up to him in a big way when growing up and I still do.

What a week!

April 26, 2009

An appalling budget.  Does the Labour Party have any humility?  Whilst this is a worldwide recession, we are in the mess we are in (in terms of debt) because of their Public Sector binge.  It is frightening just how much debt Britain is in.  Even further attacks on the motorist and pub goer will not resolve the problem of servicing that debt.  I do not recall one Labour representative saying, “maybe we should have done things differently when times were better?”.

On Thursday, St George’s flag was flown at the Civic Centre.

On Thursday night, I attended the Mayoral Event at the Music Museum in Brentford.  My first time there and I had a lovely evening.  I bid for two items in the Auction, one of which was two tickets to watch Brentford FC next season.  I am especially pleased about this with the excellent news that Brentford are on their way up next season.  Councillor Hibbs has done a great job as Mayor.  What has always struck me about her is just how genuine she is and what a big heart she has.  I am delighted that she has had the opportunity to offer so much to the Borough with what is such an important position.  Her Deputy, Shirley Fisher, has very similar qualities and has both done a great job as Deputy Mayor and made an impressive contribution as a Councillor.  We have served on some Complaint Panels together and she is the perfect member for such a panel – simply interested in coming to the right decision.

On Friday, Dominic Grieve MP, Peter Thompson and I visited Feltham Young Offenders.  It was my second time.  I was both encouraged and feeling down at the same time by what I saw from two young men I met at the computer lab.  Both were very bright and will clearly do well in life if their apply themselves and follow a good path.  How/Why do bright people like this end up in institutions like this.  There are possibly many reasons but frustrating nonetheless.

On Friday evening, the Feltham and Heston Conservative Association held what has become its Annual St George’s Dinner.  Dominic Grieve MP was again out Guest and he was brilliant.  Guests who are as friendly as they are intelligent always go down a treat.


LtoR: Paul Bedi, Dominic Grieve MP, Mark Bowen, Patrick Ground

I had the pleasure of introducing our Guest and Patrick Ground gave the Vote of Thanks.  It never surprises me that Patrick was a very popular MP amongst all sides of the House of Commons and within Feltham and Heston.  A really really nice man!