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That was even colder

February 19, 2010

I delivered to Hatton Green, Green Man Lane, part of Faggs Road and Owen House.  It was the coldest of the week by far.  Was nice to get to Owen House – such a lovely sheltered accommodation.

Picked up a few things but pictures not possible.

Owen House

August 10, 2009

I am very lucky that the two Sheltered Homes in my ward – Lavender Court & Owen House – are of a good standard and they both have some lovely tenants.  I was at the latter earlier this evening.

One of the reasons for visiting yesterday evening was that there had been some recycling collection problems.  On the whole, it looked in good shape but one tenant was concerned that one bin for papers and magazines was enough for all 40 or so addresses there?  I will ask for this to be looked into.


One of the bins was a bit disjointed:


I noticed that a lot of the patio areas need urgent attention in terms of the amount of weeds.  Again, I will report this matter.



At the entrace, I took the following at 6:50pm.  Two queries here – (i) why was the light on at this time and (ii) how effective is this light going to be when required with it being within the tree?



I will ask streetlighting to look into this and for them and the Estate Manager to ensure that any work does not cause any issues for the tenants e.g. light getting into bedroom etc.

Owen House

May 18, 2009

I received a response to the Feltham North leaflet from one of the tenants at the above.  I am very concerned to hear about the recycling problems that they have been having for the past few months.  An enquiry will be made by me first thing in the morning.