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Alley between New Road and Helen Avenue

June 5, 2012

I received a very helpful email from a constituent a couple of weeks ago expressing concern about the litter and overgrowth of the alley between New Road and Helen Avenue.  I received the following explanation on 1 June:

“I have received your email regarding the alleyway leading from New Road Feltham to Helen Ave. I have inspected this alleyway and found it to be very overgrown, I will discuss this with the community environment team who can then arrange for the cutting back to take place. Once the hedges and grass has been cut back I can then arrange for the alleyway to be manually swept and any debris removed. I found litter in places in the alleyway and have instructed the supervisor for this area to ensure that the alleyway is monitored every week to ensure that the weekly litterpick which occurs on a Monday actually happens and to the correct standard.”

Here is what I saw over the weekend:

Other than the grass cutting at the Glebelands, which can be seen on the last picture, everything else raises the question of how it has got into that state?  The overgrowth is covering lighting, which raises additional concerns to appearance.

I will ask for timescales for improving matters.

Car park opposite Feltham Train Station

June 5, 2012

I noticed the following at the above carpark over the weekend:

I will ask for the following:

  1. The schedule for maintaining this car park?
  2. Why it has got into the above state, especially the first picture.

Latest on land between New Road and Station Estate Road

March 12, 2010

The works I requested are pretty much complete and what a difference to a piece of land that has not been maintained for a while.

Here are the  bags from the most recent litter pick:

What a difference!

Pothole outside 4 New Road, Bedfont

March 12, 2010

Will report the following later today:

Update: Alley between Helen Avenue and New Road

February 25, 2010

I took a look at the New Road end earlier today and could see a lot of progress.  A lot of work has been done on removing litter on the piece of land between Station Estate Road and New Road.

Here are some pics:

A couple of things I will bring up in the morning.  First one is that there is still some litter on the right as soon as one enters the alley off New Road:

And the following needs to be tidied up e.g. mound of earth removed:

On the other side of New Road (between the train station and Lidl’s), I noticed the following pocket that had quite a lot of litter on it:

I will try and find out who is responsible for the area contained in the last two pictures.

Earlier today

February 14, 2010

Out for a walk in Feltham North & Bedfont earlier today.  Picked up a few things:

1) Job well done

Two or three weeks ago, I reported a load of rubbish in New Road.  I noticed a few days ago that a brilliant job had been done to remove it – took a picture today and one or two items but so much better than before:

2) Tagging/Graffiti

On New Road (junction with Station Estate Road)

In Staines Road, Bedfont (opposite junction with Burlington Close):

Another in Staines Road, Bedfont (near entrance to Page Road and opposite 2 Fairholme):

Alley between Fairfolme and Motorbike store:

3) More damage to grass verges

Staines Road, Bedfont:

Outside 540 Staines Road, Bedfont:

4) Black bags

Near 211 Staines Road, Feltham:

Will report the above in the morning.

Big improvement in alleyway

January 4, 2010

I have previously posted on this blog about the large amount of graffiti in the alley between New Road, Feltham and Feltham Park/Helen Avenue.  What a great surprise I had over the weekend to see the following massive improvement:

At the New Road end, I noticed lots of litter the other side of the fence.  I cannot remember who is responsible for this area of land between New Road and Station Estate Road but I will make enquiries.  Here is some of the litter I saw:

Staines Road, Bedfont

July 28, 2009

These were taken earlier this evening near the parade of shops in Staines Road opposite New Road and Page Road.  I reported these on Monday so will find out why they ahve not been taken away:



Bedfont decision from Planning Inspectorate

May 28, 2009

I am not certain if any decision from the planning inspectorate has surprised me as much as this one.  It relates to a property in New Road, Bedfont.