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Some of the best things come to those who wait long enough

May 21, 2009

and other things are a profound disappointment after years of expectation.  Alan Keen has finally tried to explain why he needs a second property – funded by the taxpayer – in order to fulfil his role.   Here is the article.  I am possibly wrong about one thing I said – it maybe a struggle to find up to 1% of residents in Feltham and Heston who are satisfied with his explanation.

The latest on MP Expenses

July 4, 2008

Here is the latest in the Chronicle.

And, here is the full debate in Hansard (well the order paper).

It is clear how Alan Keen voted by why on earth did he not speak in the debate?  Lets see what he says to the local papers.  I only hope that it is more than the usual “within the rules” etc.  Please justify why the second home is needed.

I once voted for an increase in allowances for Councillors and explained to my constituents why I did so.