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Huw Edwards

October 7, 2009

Just had a brief chat with the BBC Newsreader.  What a very nice man indeed.  He and I are from the same area in Wales (he from Llangennech and me from Dafen, Llanelli).  Even had the conversation in Welsh too!

PS. My Welsh is very bad!

Away but still taking pics

August 14, 2009

Despite being away for  a few days, I managed to get in an interview yesterday with Sunrise Radio to discuss the BAA proposals for the Marshalling Yards.

I took my children to the best park in my parents area yesterday (Park Howard).  Here are some pics:




I do like the following bin.  It is fun and looks nice – very appropriate for an area used by children.  I wonder whether this type of bin could be an option for some of the parks in our Borough?  Will be interested to hear on various considerations e.g. price, maintenance, capacity etc?


Hansard goes back further

July 27, 2009

I have a confession to make – I love Hansard.  Furthermore, I enjoy reading maiden speeches.

I found out this lunchtime that it is now possible to go far back as 1950.  Before that, it was only possible to go back (online) to 1988.

Naturally, the first speech I went for was the one made by Patrick Ground.  I note – having also read the one made by Margaret Thatcher when she was first elected – that MPs seemed to speak far less about their constituency when making their maiden speech as compared to today when new Members enter the House.  I get the impression that Patrick was unusual in that he was genuinely very popular with all sides of the house, even amongst those who disagreed with him on most things.

And, here is the maiden speech made by Denzil Davies.  He was the MP in the constituency where I grew up and actually did speak about his constituency – I recongised the description too.  I looked up to him in a big way when growing up and I still do.