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Two local articles from last week

January 20, 2010

Here are a couple of stories where I was asked for comment last week:

Attempt to return Messrs Chatt & Ellar to the Council
The Regional Labour Party has decided that the above should be candidates at the local elections in the Cranford & Hounslow Heath wards respectively.  I wonder whether Mr Ellar recalls me predicting (wrongly) that he would chicken run before the 2006 from Hanworth Park to Hounslow Heath?  At least now, I am only wrong on the timing.
My view is that these two wards, especially Cranford, will be more interesting than in a generation.  Labour will not be able to take it for granted and they are wrong if they think that either of these are safe.
It is pretty well known that I am not great pals with either of the above but I make no apology for remaining appalled by what I saw during their times as Leader of the Council between 2002 & 2006.  The Borough Council Meetings at the time were a shambles whereby the majority of Executive Members were unable to answer legitimate questions put to them.  The amount of things we [as an administration] have turned around since also highlights that the legacy we inherited was not great (lots more things to improve for the next administration but the legacy they will inherit is, on the whole, is a very good one and brilliant in some cases).  This all makes these two wards even more important when the campaign gets underway.

My view on the promotions of booze in pubs
I have commented on this issue previously so this will not surprise too many people.

Binge drinking and price of booze!

February 25, 2008

One of the few areas where I may not be in entire agreement with my party is on the above subject and the issue of licensing generally (I have not seen evidence of 24 hour drinking in Feltham & Heston or things being any worse than before the legislation, though I do accept that the constituency does not have a hub of night life activity like in Kingston).  The latest from us is on the price of booze.

David Davis said:

“We’ve got to do something about the fact that youngsters can down eight pints of high-strength lager for less than a fiver. That can’t be right,”

What is not right for me is that any youngster would *want* to down such beverage.  Dare I say it, where are the parents?  Dare I say it further, why is this mainly a British problem?