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End of Lib Dem Conference

September 23, 2009

I am not a Lib Dem but as I have previously said I think that they are at their best at this time of year when they discuss policy and their delegates are given lots of great opportunities for participation.

Where I do believe that they have been mistaken this week (apart from some policies) is the excessively personal way in which they are having a pop at opponents.  Here is one example.  Here is another response.

Apart from not being pleasant, I do not think that the electorate appreciate this kind of politics.


Lib Dem Conference

September 21, 2009

I have been watching some of the highlights so far.  I do have respect for any politician that admits the obvious, namely that some extremely serious choices (including reductions) are required.  Not my problem but I think that Mssrs Clegg & Cable will have a tough time with much of their membership, particularly its membership that are on the left of the party.


  1. Why the blue background on their stage – hmm, let me think about that one?
  2. I have discovered that Floella Benjamin is a Lib Dem supporter.  She was brilliant on kids tv.

I have told many a Labour voter that my parents are Labour and my favourite people.  Should I be telling Lib Dem supporters that Floella Benjamin is a Lib Dem supporter and still my favourite kids tv presenter?

Vince Cable’s proposals – referred to some as the ‘Mansion Tax‘ – are not going down well it would appear.

I am, and always have been, impressed at the level of audience participation at Lib Dem Conferences!