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Lest we Forget!

November 8, 2009

Turn out was very good at the various Remembrance Sunday Services today and I saw this for myself this afternoon in Feltham.  I was informed through friends that there was up to 300 people in Bedfont and 700 in Hanworth.  This is really great to know.  As I said a number of times in conversation with people, some of the recent tragedies in Afghanistan do serve to reinforce that today is not just about remembering those who gave their lives during the first & second world wars.  I am not saying anyone has ever organised it to be that way but anecdotally I think a lot of people thought that this was the case a couple of years ago.

On my walk from the High Street to the Scout Hut, I noticed the following.  Firstly, the following Hounslow Homes sign needs to be removed as it is untidy and out of date:


The following sign again is out of date but I know that the West Area Committee has approved a request to replace this and a couple of others.


The following overgrowth is on the High Street between the junctions with Poplar Way and Elmood Avenue:


As people who know me will testify, I do like to see the flag flown and was pleased to see it at the Scout Hut.


Also time, I reported the tagging on the bollards in Helen Avenue (junction with Harlington Road West):


Lest we Forget!

Lest we Forget!

November 9, 2008