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Lansbury Avenue carriageway

October 29, 2012

Two postings ago, I referred to a schedule of highways works.  I queried why the road in Lansbury Avenue was not to receive attention within the period in question.

Good news is that I have since received the following:

“I have double checked with the Hounslow Highways team and they have informed me that they are now intending to do carriageway treatment works in Lansbury Avenue, Feltham in April 2013.”

Whilst it was not deemed a principle road in the past, I believe it one that is well used so the above is good news.

Alley behind Harlington Road West shops

August 21, 2011

A friend and local resident made me aware of more dumping at the side of 102 Harlington Road West.  Here is what I just saw:

I also took at the alley behind the shops (starts from Lansbury Avenue):

Will report the above tomorrow morning.

Couple of alleys in Feltham North

November 26, 2010

Looking much better at the side of 116 Lansbury Avenue (rear of Harlington Road West):

But looking very untidy at the side of 102 Harlington Road West:

Will report the latter case and see what can be done.

Alley at rear of Lansbury Avenue, Staines Road, Harlington Road West

April 15, 2010

I was really pleased to see the condition of the above earlier today.  The best it has been for quite some time.

A little at the Harlington Road West entrance (next to 102):

07/04/2010 and 08/04/2010 things picked up

April 8, 2010

Picked up the following:

1) Faggs Road

At the junction with Staines Road (side of shop on corner), there needs to be good sweep:

Opposite number 12:

2) Graffiti on Bedfont Lane

On utility box ear Frank Towell Court:

3) Utility Box in Lansbury Avenue

Looks like an interim job?

Will report where relevant shortly.

Utility box by 90a Harlington Road West yesterday

March 30, 2010

Though the utility box is actually on Lansbury Avenue:

Will report this shortly.

Walk from home to Clements Court

March 19, 2010

The alley at the side of 116 Lansbury Avenue is now looking much better and some panels have been erected:

The rear of Staines Road is not where I would like it to be but it is much better as compared when I first reported the problem and the Council has intervened as much as is legally (and fairly) possible:

Knocked over bollard outside 107 Staines Road:

Tagging on bin outside 119 Staines Road:

Tagging on barrier next to 59 Staines Road:

River Crane at Baber Bridge:

A few years onward, some of the panels are missing and this is where the litter is worst:

The following needs cutting back:

Will report the above tomorrow!

Latest on alley at rear of Harlington Road West, Staines Road & Lansbury Avenue (even numbers)

March 7, 2010

I received the following on 4 March:

“The investigating Officer has visited the area and found that the land owner has cleared the accumulation from the above-named premises, that the Veolia paladin bin has been removed.

The Officer will ask the Community Environment Team to have the 3-4 mattrasses cleared.”

Here is the picture I received back:

The rear of Harlington Road West is now looking much better than before.  However, the rear of Staines Road remains a problem – here is one I took earlier today:

I have an idea why this [rear of Staines Road bit] will not be as straight forward as the other [rear of Harlington Road West] but will write again tomorrow.

Extreme concern about alley at rear of Harlington Road West, Staines Road & Lansbury Avenue (even numbers)

February 13, 2010

This warrants a posting in its own right such is my serious concern about the state of the alley earlier today.  I entered at the side of 116 Lansbury Avenue.  This is around the rear of the shops in Harlington Road West (even numbers):

When the problem of the mess is resolved, I will ask for the graffiti to be removed also:

From the other angle:

The following is at the rear of Harlington Road West but turning right takes you to the rear of Staines Road:

This is more rear of Staines Road now:

All of the above causes me great concern – whatever the cause – and I will be requesting an urgent visit.

Things picked up in Feltham North earlier today

February 13, 2010

1) Highways

I do not think I have ever seen so many defects marked up for repair on footways in my ward.  Either there has been planned visits or someone has pre-empting my post today.

Here are some defects not yet picked up.  The first is outside 88 Harlington Road West and I trust it is a temporary repair.  I will find out – I am confident that it is a TfL matter:

The following is outside 99 Harlington Road West:

Outside 117 Carlton Avenue, I noticed that the lines around the defect have faded.  Will check it will be repaired soon:

Opposite 144 Hounslow Road:

Here is a selection of ones already picked up.  First between 4 &6 Baber Drive:

10 Denham Road:

12 Lansbury Avenue:

40 Viola Avenue:

44 Carlton Avenue:

121 Field Road:

The Vale:

Update 14 Feb:

One I saw in Clive Road:

2) Graffiti

Near 13 Denham Road:

By 56 Rosslyn Avenue:

72 Harlington Road West:

Between 1 & 2 Beeston Way:

Near 178 Sparrow Farm Drive (all three streetlights):

Sign next to 119 Harlington Road West:

Next to 159 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Further down the alley there is graffit on the wall (need to walk to the end):

Near 58 Buckingham Avenue:

Opposite 61 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Opposite 69 Beeston Way:

Side of 119 Harlington Road West:

3) Blocked drain

Outside 49 Harlington Road West (not the slip road):

4) Waste

I am pleased that the problem of bags out early at the side of 119 Harlington Road West has pretty much gone away (though one small bag there today), I notice the following at the rear:

I am concerned to see how flowing it was on a Saturday morning.

And someone has dumped manure in The Vale (near the junction with Hounslow Road):

5) Entrance to former Eldridge House

I noted the following earlier today:

I reported the above in December (reference 1069674) – will ask why the problem remains?

6) Hedge preventing use of footway

The following opposite 85 Beeston Way was mentioned to me in December.  No real change today.

7) Latest with conservatory at Lavender Court:

8 ) Street cleaning request in Hounslow Road

The following outside 80 Hounslow Road needs a good sweep and clean:

And the following is a regular problem outside 41 Hounslow Road but again a clean and sweep would be appreciated:

Where applicable, I will report the above on Monday morning.