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As I was saying….

April 11, 2009

Labour are part of the problem.

Labour worried about the BNP

April 10, 2009

Another article on this.

Funny that the article is silent on two things – (1) How Labour have completely cocked things up on race relations in many parts of Britain and (2) that after nearly 12 years of a Labour Government, things have never so good for the BNP.

The truth is that Labour – with a few honourable exceptions – are part of the problem.

Dr John Reid MP

September 16, 2008

When Tony Blair stood down as Labour leader, I said that I would have supported John Reid for Leader had I been a member of the Labour Party.  I have always found him to be a hugely impressive politician and one that Tony Blair clearly deployed to sort out the performance of some departments.

As a Conservative, I am glad that they did not have the sense to go for Reid and very much hope that they stay loyal to their current Leader.