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Hanworth Park this morning

March 7, 2010

I took a look around the open space in Hanworth Park on Thursday and returned this morning (this time without leaflets).  I am thrilled to bits by what I see as it is yet another demonstration of turnaround.  The West Area, especially open spaces in the Hanworth Park ward, suffered the greatest from maintenance cuts imposed by the previous administration.  It was always going to take a while to turn things around.  Item 10 (question) of this was tabled towards the end of 2007.  All of the Conservative Councillors in Feltham have been pushing for improvements and I really believe that these have been delivered – with more improvements on the way.

Here are some pictures from this morning:

The biggest complaint in the past was regarding the lack of grass cutting.  I have not seen such complaints or problems for quite some time – well done Cllrs Lee, Stewart, Jabbal & Williams on the political front and to the team who have delivered the improvements on the ground.  The extra £2 million in increased maintenance would not have been possible had the administration not introduced a more commercial approach towards managing finance & resources.

I got talking to one lady who was walking her dogs and we agreed how great things were.  She was from Sunbury and I was glad that she has made such a great choice to visit Hanworth Park so regularly.  It is a stunning open space.

Feltham Park pond

July 1, 2009

As readers of his blog will know, I have praised Laing and Continental for their performance since they came on board.  I previously highlighted the improved appearence of Feltham Park, especially the pond.  Here is what I saw yesterday evening:



It is certainly not looking nice at the moment.  I am about to write to ask what will be done to improve matters?

Some brilliant improvements from Laing!

October 19, 2008

Driving around with my family yesterday when I noticed a big change in my ward.  The land at the rear of some properties in Hatton Green has been overgrown ever since I became a Councillor.  I was thrilled to drive past and see a big change.  I had to drive to Green Man Lane and get out to take a couple of pictures:

I only wish I had a picture of what it looked like before.  I think that residents will be really pleased.

And, the pond in Feltham Park is looking much better and there are even ducks swimming there:

Certainly looking better than it has for a while.  I hope that the improvements will continue but it is clear that the start for Laing and Continental has been really good.

Visit to Beavers last Friday

October 19, 2008

My friend and colleague Lin Davies and I went for a visit last Friday.  Certainly a game of two halves in that it is clear that there has been a lot of brilliant work done in the area e.g. by the Football Foundation at Beavers School & by Laing & Continental Landcapes at Chester Park (very impressed with the quality of grass cutting and lack of litter – wish I had taken pictures).

However, there were clearly a number of serious problems around the shops in Salisbury Road.  These are compounded by the fact that they are on private land.  I hope that there are some solutions and I will be making enquiries shortly.

Parks, Open Spaces, Libraries and Leisure

June 2, 2008

This Press Release is well worth reading for anyone who cares about the above.

Open Spaces in the West Area, especially in Hanworth Park (the neighbouring ward to mine), took quite a battering from the previous administration.  It is frustrating that we are not there but this news really does offer hope and clearly shows that the current administration are working on making things much better.


In November 2006, Hounslow Council’s Executive agreed to tender the leisure and cultural services provided on its behalf by the CIP group of companies.

The procurement was undertaken through a competitive dialogue process which consisted of three stages during which bidders proposals and methodology for delivering services were explored in detail.

The service groupings on which contracts were awarded, were

A – Parks Management – grass cutting, horticulture, litter picking, arboriculture, countryside services, allotments, burials and cemeteries, Gunnersbury Park and Museum, Boston Manor, Hogarth’s House, community development and engagement, sports in parks, maintenance of pitches, facilities management, development and implementation of parks management plans, development and implementation of parks improvement schemes.

B – Libraries and Arts – operation of 11 libraries, the schools library service, library services for the housebound, library IT services, Redlees Studio, Paul Robeson theatre, arts coordination and advocacy, design and project management of buildings improvement, buildings maintenance, facilities management.

C – Leisure Services and Community Halls -five leisure centres and eight community facilities, holiday play schemes, sport development, facilities management, design and project management of buildings improvement, buildings maintenance, facilities management.

In February 2008, the Executive approved two bidders for each area and all were invited to make a presentation to the Leisure and Cultural Services Sub Group in April.

On April 29th, the Council’s Executive ratified the choice of one preferred bidder for each service grouping. They were John Laing Integrated Services (Service Groupings A and B) and Fusion Lifestyle (Service Grouping C).

The contract for service grouping A expires in 2018, service grouping B, in 2023 and service grouping C in 2023.