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The latest from Councillor Jagdish Sharma

May 29, 2008

No response from him to my email of 13 May (which was chased on 23 May).

However, the comments he made at the 22 May meeting of the Central Hounslow Area Planning Committee are worthy of exposure.  Please see agenda item 8.  I have also listened to his comments on the Council’s webcast.

So a Council, whereby its Members of different Political Groups (and none) approve the authority to issue enforcement notices in respect of:

a) The conversion of family dwelling into flats without the benefit of planning permission; and

b) An outbuilding located in the rear garden equipped and used as a separate residential unit without the benefit of planning permission. institutionally racist?  Is he going to abstain on planning enforcement matters forever more?  And will he be able (or willing) to be subjected to the burden of proof?

Content of my email to Leader of the Labour Group

May 13, 2008

Councillor Sharma,
It will come as no surprise to you that I am writing to you about the remarks you made at the ‘Save Our Homes’ event last Saturday at Osterley Hotel.
During your speech you claimed that Members from the coalition groups are putting pressure on Officers in the Planning Enforcement team to go after people.
Please answer the following questions:
1. How does this pressure manifest itself and what evidence do you have for this taking place?

2. Do you have a problem with any of the successful prosecutions that were instigated by LBH against those who did not comply with enforcement notices?  If you do, which ones?

3. More generally, you and I listened to the concerns expressed by those who attended the event.  What changes, if any, do you believe need to be made?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Councillor Bowen