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Yesterday’s Borough Council

June 25, 2008

My particular interest in this agenda was in relation to agenda item 17.  It took quite a while to get there and I do not think that the entire meeting finished until 11:15pm when considering the second agenda.

Any prospect of regret or withdrawal of the original allegation about Institutional Racism did not materialise.  I recommend the webcast for anyone interested in this matter.  Clearly a majority of the Labour Group do not understand just how absurd the allegations are!  Apart from anything else, by not disassociating themselves from what was said by their Leader, they must associate themselves with those who are on the receiving end of his allegation.  At the same time, a minority of the Labour Group are embarrassed with this episode and they will understand the damage that this will cause Labour in the Borough.

Councillor Sharma and his colleagues failed to provide any evidence to substantiate any of their allegations, including the one that some Councillors are putting pressure on Officers to go after people.

All of the Labour Councillors present abstained on the motion.  It is now time for some exposure because residents, including Labour supporters, are just not prepared to put up Councillors making an issue out of race in this way.

This week’s Chronicle

June 21, 2008

The letters page is well worth a read.  Not yet updated online but well worth a read.  Clearly, if this page is anything to go by, a large number of people (including Labour Party supporters) are very angry with what Councillor Sharma said.

Will Labour Councillors back him on Tuesday at the Borough Council Meeting?  We will find out at the end of agenda item 17.

The latest from Councillor Jagdish Sharma

May 29, 2008

No response from him to my email of 13 May (which was chased on 23 May).

However, the comments he made at the 22 May meeting of the Central Hounslow Area Planning Committee are worthy of exposure.  Please see agenda item 8.  I have also listened to his comments on the Council’s webcast.

So a Council, whereby its Members of different Political Groups (and none) approve the authority to issue enforcement notices in respect of:

a) The conversion of family dwelling into flats without the benefit of planning permission; and

b) An outbuilding located in the rear garden equipped and used as a separate residential unit without the benefit of planning permission. institutionally racist?  Is he going to abstain on planning enforcement matters forever more?  And will he be able (or willing) to be subjected to the burden of proof?