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Back again!

July 19, 2010

Here is the beginning of dealing with what was deemed most important by the vast majority of residents in Feltham and Heston at the recent General Election.  The legacy inherited from Labour on immigration and race relations is bad as the one inherited on the economy.  This is an area that the coalition government really needs to get right.

Sorry again for letting the blog lapse.  Here is the Borough Council Agenda for tomorrow.  I will post something after the meeting has finished.

Phil Woolas MP

October 24, 2008

Much has been said about his recent comments and the fact that Labour pulled him from Question Time last night.

The truth is that many Labour MPs – particularly sensible ones like Frank Field and ones worried about losing their seats – realise that Labour have cocked things up.  Would it not be refreshing for more of them, particularly ones in prominent positions, to admit this?

A quick review of yesterday’s news

July 17, 2008

Immigration ‘harming communities’

In fairness to Liam Byrne (whom I think is very bright), he only became an MP in 2004.  I wonder whether he would be prepared to condemn the approach taken by New Labour between 1997 & 2001 towards anyone who expressed seriously concerns about the scale of immigration?

Straw unveils elected Lords plan

I know I seem to be in a minority but I am opposed to an elected second Chamber.  An article from Lord Norton gives some very good argument against.

Brown defends fuel duty decision

Clearly lots more needs to be done but ofcourse this is better than nothing.  I overhead someone predicting that prices could go down as the economy goes into recession because there will be less demand for petrol.  If the economy does get worse (obviously I hope it does not), then I do not think the price of petrol will decrease for a while (but I hope I am wrong)!

Council workers walk out over pay

It will not surprise anyone to hear that I do not support the demands of the Union.  Some rather unpleasant comments reported on Conservative Home.  Here is the latest in Hounslow.  Please keep checking the front page of the Council’s website.

Launch of assembly power debate

OK, not yesterday’s news but why do I see the recommendation of more powers a foregone conclusion.  I urge every fellow Welshmen and women living in Wales not to support anything further.  The Union is good for Wales and lets not increase the injustice currently inflicted on people living in England by the current constitutional settlement.