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Sports Jam

June 22, 2008

Earlier today, my daughter and I attended the Sports Jam, which was organised by Brentford FC Community Sports Trust in partnership with Access Sport, The London Borough of Ealing and London Borough of Hounslow.  It was held at Gunnersbury Park.  The event was brilliant and succeeded in bringing together a variety of sports.  I had the great pleasure of briefly speaking with both John Barnes (formerly of England and Liverpool) and Rachel Yankey (Arsenal and England Ladies).  Both of them were so clearly passionate about sport and went out of their way to be simply really nice and take the time to talk to people, especially the young.  What brilliant role models!

John Barnes with Saffron and Mark Bowen

Rachel Yankey with Saffron and Mark Bowen

A number of Councillors from both Boroughs were present.  I recall speaking with Councillors Paul Fisher, Shirley Fisher, Matt Harmer, Ruth Cadbury, John Todd, Peter Hills & Linda Nakamura from Hounslow.  I also met Councillors Ian Gibb (Deputy Leader at Ealing) & Ian Green (now Mayor Green in Ealing).  Until recently, I would meet Ian Green at the West London Alliance Housing Lead Member meetings.  Great company, always making very informed contributions and one of the most unassuming people I have met in politics.

More important than my account of how much I like many other Councillors is to stress how much of a fan I am of encouraging young people (and others) to participate in sport.  The benefits are obvious and I only wish I gave my body more time because it does its best to give me 24/7.  I cannot wait for next year and hope that there are other events before then.