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Technology and Channel Shift an opportunity (being missed by LBH)

April 4, 2012

Here is my most recent column in the Chronicle.  It is mainly based on a contribution I made at last week’s Borough Council Meeting.  I have commented about it before on the blog.

The column outlines my basic position.  Despite the response from one Labour Councillor in the Chamber to my constructive remarks, this is not a partisan or party political matter.

Labour controlled Ealing seem to have a decent idea of what I mean.  This is on their Council Building:

They clearly understand that it is in the interests of everyone for those who have internet access to use the most modern form of technology when dealing with the Council, unless this is not possible.  If we applied Hounslow’s more recent approach (and assumed that Hounslow also had a Town Hall on the High Street), it would have put up signage with lots of phone numbers and the general website.

I genuinely hope that Hounslow will change its ways here.  It saddened me that there were people who signed off the page in Hounslow Matters that I consider so out of date in its approach.

More people reporting will lead to a better local environment

January 26, 2010

Whilst I am certain and proud of the major reduction in graffiti in our Borough over the past year or so, I do wonder whether the message has got through that the Council now has a large range of eForms where matters such as graffiti can be reported.
These have been advertised on posters and in Hounslow Matters.

What else do you think can be done to get more people to report more matters?  If we crack this, it will make an even bigger and better difference to the local environment, especially in terms of graffiti removal.