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Lower Feltham earlier today

November 28, 2009

Picked up quite a few things on my travels earlier this morning.  The first three are taken outside the School House (next to Feltham Hill School).  The first two are of tagging on the cones and the third is on the brown fence (pic does not capture is too clearly):

The following was taken outside 61 & 63 Shelson Avenue.  I will ask Highways to take a look at the pothole:

The following tagging is outside 103 Shelson Avenue:

The following tagging is in the alley between 68 & 70 Dennison Road:

The following is in Cranleigh Road (but outside 23 Dennison Road):

One of the things I have noticed in the past few weeks is lots of leaves.  I know it is that time of year but I will look into schedules for removal because I have seen quite a few examples where the footway is slippery as a result.  This was taken outside 133 Cranleigh Road:

The following is outside 63 Cranleigh Road:

The following was in Highland Park (junction with Hamilton Road):

The following footway was outside 49 Hamilton Close and I was pleased to see the repair because it was in bad shape before:

The following is the sign in Challenge Road (junction with Ashford Road).   The dots at the bottom are chewing gum.  I like to chew gum but when finished put it in paper and then into a bin.  What was going through the minds of those who did this?

I noticed that there is some overgrowth over the Ashford Road sign (opposite junction with Challenge Road):

I will ask for the following sign to be cleaned:

Some tagging below the sign in the previous picture:

The following is outside 125 Ashford Road:

The following is outside 97 High Street  (junction with Poplar Way):

Will report all of the above on Monday.