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Cranford (things to report) 27/03/2010

March 28, 2010

1) Graffiti

Outside 17 High Street, Cranford:

Alley next between 79 and 81 High Street, Cranford:

Near 675 Bath Road:

Outside 717 Bath Road:

Outside 719 Bath Road:

Outside 723 Bath Road:

Bin on The Avenue but on junction with Lynchen Close:

Opposite 50 Firs Drive:

On Bath Road (near junction with The Avenue) and opposite 718 Bath Road:

On Firs Drive (opposite junction with Pine Tree Close):

Avenue Crescent:

2) Highways

Outside 52 Avenue Cresent:

Outside 57 High Street:

103 Firs Drive:

81 High Street (previously reported):

Pine Tree junction with Firs Drive:

At entrance to Avenue Gardens (I saw one parent with a push chair not have a smooth entrance onto the pavement):

3) Leaning signs

Outside 81 Firs Drive:

Lynchen Close:

4) Blocked Drain

On The Avenue and near the junction with Avenue Gardens:

5) Flytip/Bags out early

Outside 723 Bath Road:

Will report all of the above in the morning.

Yesterday in Heston West

February 28, 2010

Managed to begin delivering the latest leaflet and got quite a few out considering the up and down nature of the weather.

Not as many things picked up as usual:

1) Flyposting

My blog does reflect how much tagging and graffiti I report.  It does not capture the amount of flyposting I report partly because I do not wish to advertise such businesses.  Here is an example near 159 High Street, Cranford, from yesterday:

The above damages the streetscene as much as tagging in my opinion.

2) Damaged utility box

The following is in Somerset Waye (near the junction with Cranford Lane):

3) Grass verges

I know I have commented about this before.   I think it is a shame when people drive over these.   The first is outside 139a Brabazon Road:

The  next is outside 52 Brabazon Road:

And, 8, 14, 20 & 47 Meadow Waye:

4) New Community Centre

I was pleased to see the following (previous pictures showed it boarded up):

It was being opened that day by Councillor Elizabeth Hughes.

5) Highways

Was pleased to see something I reported had been repaired to a good standard:

Outside 39 Cobham Road:

Outside 99 Cobham Road:

64 Meadow Waye:

The carriageway looks very bad outside 195 Brabazon Road:

6) The UK Flag being flown with pride

Great to see outside Cranford Community College – sorry for no close up:

What will Colin Ellar and Robin Taylor if they see this?

Will report matters, where appropriate, tomorrow.

Look out in High Street, Cranford

October 18, 2009

An interesting feature.  My friend, Shafick, is standing in front of it: