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Congratulations Alan Keen

May 7, 2010

Knowing how flat out I, and others on my campaign team, have worked not only during this campaign but over a much longer period, this is clearly an impressive result for Labour.  Naturally I feel very disappointed.  There were things that I did not expect such as the following:

  1. For the Labour vote to hold up in Bedfont, Feltham and Hanworth to hold up the way it did;
  2. For the gap between Labour and Conservatives to be as large as it was in Hounslow West & Cranford and, to a lesser extent, Heston

We secured the most votes in Bedfont, Feltham North, Feltham West, Hanworth Park and Hanworth.  However, Labour won by a much greater margin in Heston West, Heston Central, Heston East, Hounslow West and Cranford.

Labour invested heavily in this constituency and I saw over 20 different items of literature from them during the campaign.  They took the threat of the Conservatives seriously.

I respect and accept the decision of residents in this constituency and congratulate Mr Keen.  I do not think I have ever been so tired when giving a speech before but glad I got through it at around 05:30am.  My team could not have done anything more to win this and I will always be grateful to them for their passion and loyalty.

Off to another count at mid-day.  I hope I will continue as a Councillor for Feltham North.

Hanworth and Heston Central 29/04/10

April 29, 2010

Some things to report.

1) Highways

Outside 7 Green Road:

Outside 10 Holly Close:

2) Graffiti

Outside 5 Green Road:

Opposite 70 Bear Road:

3) Park

I was walking down Bear Road and saw yet another park that has been turned around.  Looked lovely:

4) Utility box

Outside 62 Church Road, Heston:

Will report, where necessary, in the morning.

Alley at rear of shops at Vicarage Farm Road

April 12, 2010

I discussed a number of issues with businessmen in Heston yesterday.  The two main ones were cameras being used for parking enforcement and the condition of the alley at the rear of the shops (opposite the Community Centre).  Here are some pictures of the latter.

Rear of 313:

Rear of 315:

Rear of 319:

Rear of 333:

Rear of 341:

As is usually the case with these alleyways, they are not the responsibility of the Council but there are atleast two issues I will ask be investigated:

  1. Many of the bins are overflowing – are more required and/or is the schedule for collection sufficient?
  2. The mess in this street is surely likely to attract rats.  I will ask for the Pest Control and/or Pollution team to take a look for themselves to see what action is required?

Heston House Launch

March 5, 2010

I went to the above in Vicarage Farm Road during lunchtime today.  One other building has been vacated and works have been carried out here.  I was impressed with the fresh look of the place.  I went along with Councillor Pam Fisher, a trusted friend and colleague.  She can look back at the past four years with a great deal of pride.  A real Champion of those needing Adult Social Care whilst at the same time being very business like and never shirking the decisions needed to cater for future needs whilst striving for value for money.  Without exception, when she has been asked questions in the Chamber, she has been outstanding.

Even today, she took the time to speak with residents and listened carefully to both positive and negative feedback.  One gentleman was less positive and I know that Pam took note and has already followed through by taking these concerns to the right people.

Here are some pictures.  The first couple are of facilities for a hairdresser who comes in regularly to see clients:

One of the communal restrooms, which not only looked clean but is designed in a way that will make it easier to keep clean:

A communal area and small kitchen:


The following captures the extension:

I did not visit the following:

Here is Councillor Fisher about to say a few words to residents, staff and guests – the Mayor went afterwards:

One of the unplanned elements of the visit was a walk around the part of the building where the majority of former Eldridge House (formerly off Hounslow Road) residents now live.  I did not take many pictures but was pleased to see that everyone was happy and settled.  I took a picture of the planned activities:

I am thoroughly glad that I went along and hope to visit again in the future.  I was very impressed and continue to admire the people who work in this area.

Heston earlier this morning

November 22, 2009

Before taking my children to see Santa at Harrods this afternoon, I spent the morning in Heston.  Quite a few things to report.  The first was taken outside 26 Almorah Road:

The following is in Almorah Road and near the junction with Broad Walk.

The following was outside 12-20 & 15-23 Almorah Road.  Some branches need to be removed:

Bit of a sweep needed near 1 Adelaide Road:

As I have posted previously, one street in each ward has participated in the Micro-Asphalt pilot.  There appears to have been a very good job in Broad Walk:

Rubbish bags out early near 1 & 2 Broad Walk:

The following is in Broad Walk (near the junction with Great West Road) – (i) tagging and (ii) door has come off:

Sweep of leaves needed near 1 & 2 Broad Walk:

The following is outside 39 Broad Walk.  Part is already marked out for repair but this area needs to be inspected again, as there are some further defects:

The following is outside 57 Broad Walk – needs to be inspected as it is very bumpy!:

The following defect outside 1 Shenley Road has been marked up for repair:

The door is coming off the following.  It is in Shenley Road (side of 80 Vicarage Farm Road):

The following cracks are outside 54 Greencroft Road:

The following is outside 60 Greencroft Road:

The following is outside 76 Greencroft Road:

The footway needs the leaves to be removed.  The following is outside 25 Greencroft Road:

The following potholes are outside 40 to 60 Greencroft Road:

Light tagging on the following outside 320 Great West Road:

Finally, the following was dumped outside 346 Great West Road:

Will report on Monday morning.