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Letters page in Chronicle

February 19, 2009

Always glad to get a mention.  See this letter.

What Mr Taylor did not say was that my comments about Mr Keen and this issue were made in November 2008.  There has since been a vote in the House of Commons.  Stating that he would not support a motion because it was “party political” just beggars belief!

Feel free to post a comment, Mr Taylor!

Interesting debate on Heathrow

November 12, 2008

The debate in the House on Heathrow yesterday is well worth reading:

John Randall (against expansion) and David Wilshire (for) gave excellent speeches – and Labour MPs Fiona Mactaggart, Chris Mullin, Martin Salter, John McDonnell all made very effective contributions against expansion.

Here is the contribution to the debate from Alan Keen:

An excellent contribution from him, with exception of his response to Geoff Hoon’s intervention – which seemed odd and incomplete. 
But I do not want to take away from him, what was an effective speech.  What I particularly liked about his speech was his heavier focus on mixed mode than on the 3rd runway.

There is genuinely hardly any difference at all between Alan Keen and I on Heathrow.

Please tell me that this is not true!

November 11, 2008

What on earth is this?

I have a lot of respect for the effective way in which those opposed to expansion have run their campaign but there is no prospect of me supporting the idea that we should ship (or fly) 11,000 or so jobs from this Borough.

Over the years, Billions have been invested in Heathrow.  It is beyond irresponsible to claim that those investments can be written off.  Whatever the view on Terminal 5 were, what is clear to anyone who has used it, the experience is something to be proud of and it must be competing extremely well with the best of Terminals throughout Europe.

My consistent line – held since the previous General Election – has not changed.  Within that mix, however, is a pride in Heathrow that provides such a decent living for me and so many of my constituents!