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Scrutiny Call-in

June 3, 2009

I think it lasted around 2 hours but I enjoyed much of the discussion.  I have not changed my mind about the need for the decision.  One of the nicest things from the evening was this blog got a mention from Councillor Harmer, whom I have only spoken with a few times but like.  I did make the point that I read his blog also but that he has not updated for a few weeks (actually meant that as a compliment because I like local blogs).

On of the areas mentioned during the call-in, but did not receive huge attention, was parking renewals.  Not entirely relevant but just read this.  I like moves like this.

What an extraordinary day for politics?  Are Hazel Blears MP and the Prime Minister still friends on a personal level?  If they are then the entire Labour Group in Hounslow think that I am a smashing chap!

Interesting but busy day!

June 3, 2009

What a day so far! Even I was surprised to see Hazel Blears resign.

I have a Delivery Forum in the next couple of hours and then the Call-in at Scrutiny tonight in relation to decreasing the hours of the Cash Office.  Will post on how it goes.