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Walk down Faggs Road this morning

March 1, 2010

Land at the rear of Hatton Green (even numbers)

I do love seeing this piece of land because it epitomises the massive increase in maintenance that open spaces in this Borough has received in the past couple of years.  When I first elected in 2002, this land was overgrowth and this continued for a number of years:

Emergency works in Faggs Road

It was impossible to capture how deep they have gone.

Litter behind bus stop

I have reported this previously and the litter was removed.  It was a shame to see the state behind the busstop on Faggs Road today.  It is located on the bend opposite the entrance to Hatton Road:

What kind of person throws litter generally but especially into places like this?

Out and about in Bedfont

May 23, 2009

Do make comments about what appeared in the leaflet.  Picked up a few little things for casework, one of which was the following:


Quite a bit of overgrowth of the bushes in Hatton Road (near the junction with Cains Lane).  I will report this and ask if it needs to be cut back a bit for pedestrians.