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Former Gate Gourmet Site, Dick Turpin Way

August 12, 2011

See agenda item 7 of the next SDC agenda.  This is a major planning application at the edge of Feltham North.  Here are some pictures of the site at present:

The report has already been to the West Area Committee for consultation.   On the positive side, I like the idea of investment in the site and in the area.  I also suggested looking at any potential traffic safety improvements as well as not taking for granted the current excellent PTAL rating of 5.  A CPZ already exists in Hatton Green so there would not be a parking impact on those residents.  It is a very large hotel and I can accept that many of those will not have vehicles when staying over but Conferences could generate traffic in an already very busy area.  I was not too keen on the design either but that was just my subjective opinion.

The recommendation is for approval.  If you wish to make comments, here is a link.


Land at rear of Hatton Green (even numbers) this morning

March 22, 2010

Someone has been tagging in the past couple of days.  Here are some pictures:

To pick up all of the above, I am afraid that it is not concentrated in one place so someone will need to walk throughout this bit of open space.

I also noticed that the fence was damaged in two places:

I will report this tagging and damage to the fence shortly.

Hatton Green Estate Inspection

March 17, 2010

I managed to attend the first bit of the above this morning.  On the whole, things were looking very good.  Hardly any litter & tagging and the roads and pavements were clean.

One thing I will say about this estate is that it is possibly one of the best examples of a Controlled Parking Zone being well received by almost all of its residents.  CPZ’s tend to split public opinion between those who want to remove a problem of their area being impacted by commuters, employees etc and those who believe it is wrong to pay to park pay within their street.

In this case, it is clear that the CPZ worked and made the estate even more pleasant.  Anyway, here are some pictures taken this morning:

Alley at the rear of 31 Hatton Green:

Alley in between 17 & 19:

At the rear of 15 & 17 (some sweeping and cutting of overgrowth is required):

The rear of 19 & 21:

A slightly leaning post, which was picked up during the inspection:

And, the one bit of tagging I did see was on the wall near number 24 (leading to Green Man Lane):

Overall, very good indeed!

Walk down Faggs Road this morning

March 1, 2010

Land at the rear of Hatton Green (even numbers)

I do love seeing this piece of land because it epitomises the massive increase in maintenance that open spaces in this Borough has received in the past couple of years.  When I first elected in 2002, this land was overgrowth and this continued for a number of years:

Emergency works in Faggs Road

It was impossible to capture how deep they have gone.

Litter behind bus stop

I have reported this previously and the litter was removed.  It was a shame to see the state behind the busstop on Faggs Road today.  It is located on the bend opposite the entrance to Hatton Road:

What kind of person throws litter generally but especially into places like this?

That was even colder

February 19, 2010

I delivered to Hatton Green, Green Man Lane, part of Faggs Road and Owen House.  It was the coldest of the week by far.  Was nice to get to Owen House – such a lovely sheltered accommodation.

Picked up a few things but pictures not possible.

Latest in Faggs Road

February 18, 2010

I have just received the following:

“Further to my email of the 10 February I can now provide an update on these works, although I’m afraid it is not good news as a second collapse has been found!

The contractor has located the sewer, which is at some considerable depth below the carriageway, and will be repairing the first collapse today. It will then take until Sunday to backfill and remove the trench supports.

Once they have backfilled the first excavation they have to start the whole process again on the second collapse. Due to the second location being fairly close to the first they cannot start the second excavation until the first has been backfilled. It will take a further 7-10 days to excavate the second shaft down to the sewer and make the repair. A further 2-3 days to backfill and then 2 days to reinstate the carriageway.

It is anticipated that all of these works will be completed by Sunday 7 March and the road reopened to traffic for Monday 8 March.”

I have certainly seen the difference on other roads as a result of these works e.g. Staines Road & Great West Road.  Local residents – e.g. Hatton Green – will be informed of this latest news

Emergency Closure – Fagg’s Road, Hatton

February 10, 2010

I received the following this morning:

“We have been advised by a contractor working on behalf of Thames Water that they need to carry out emergency works to a collapsed sewer in Fagg’s Road near to its junction with Green Man Lane. Due to the depth of the sewer and the size of excavation required it will be necessary to close Fagg’s Road in both directions whilst the works are carried out.

The closure will be put in place at 9.30am tomorrow, Thursday 11 February. It is anticipated that the works will take two weeks to complete. If work is completed earlier then the road will be opened earlier.

Due to the urgent nature of the works it has not been possible to have advance warning signs erected, but signs will be placed on all approaches tomorrow morning to advise drivers of the closure and the expect duration.

The diversion route for southbound traffic is the A30 to its junction with the A4 (Henleys Roundabout) to return along the A30 and make the left turn into A312 The Causeway. The route for northbound traffic is to continue along the A312 The Causeway and make the left turn onto the A30. Access into and out of the industrial estate and Green Man Lane will only be possible from the Hatton Cross side of the closure. Access into and out of Hatton Green will only be possible from the A312 side of the closure. Transport for London will monitor the key junctions and if necessary adjust the traffic signal timings where they can, but delays are to be expected on the diversion routes.

London Buses are aware of the closure and the buses 90, 285, 490 and X26 will also divert onto the A30 and A312 and will not be serving the bus stops opposite Hatton Green.”

Graffiti removal needed in Feltham North (12/12/09)

December 13, 2009

Here are some things to report for the weekend:

The first is next to 2 Lansbury Avenue:

The next is outside 55 & 57 Lansbury Avenue:

The next was outside 90a Lansbury Avenue:

Here is some tagging on the footway outside 9 Viola Avenue:

And this is outside 11 Viola Avenue:

The next is outside 24 Carlton Avenue:

The next is near 70 Harlington Road West:

The next is outside 133 Harlington Road West (tagging not shown here needs to be treated as offensive):

Not Graffiti but the following at the bus stop, outside 213 Staines Road, is tagging:

I always like a happy face but I still think that the following outside 379 Staines Road is worth removing:

The next was on the bin outside Londis (Baber Bridge Parade, Hounslow Road):

The next is in Mill Way (near number 2):

The following is next to 26 Hatton Green:

The following is opposite 44 Viola Avenue:

There was also similar tagging on the utility box in this street near the junction with Carlton Avenue.

The following is opposite 83 Beeston Way:

The following is opposite 31 & 33 Beeston Way:

Also, on the bridge in Hounslow Road (over the train track):

Some brilliant improvements from Laing!

October 19, 2008

Driving around with my family yesterday when I noticed a big change in my ward.  The land at the rear of some properties in Hatton Green has been overgrown ever since I became a Councillor.  I was thrilled to drive past and see a big change.  I had to drive to Green Man Lane and get out to take a couple of pictures:

I only wish I had a picture of what it looked like before.  I think that residents will be really pleased.

And, the pond in Feltham Park is looking much better and there are even ducks swimming there:

Certainly looking better than it has for a while.  I hope that the improvements will continue but it is clear that the start for Laing and Continental has been really good.