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Labour worried about the BNP

April 10, 2009

Another article on this.

Funny that the article is silent on two things – (1) How Labour have completely cocked things up on race relations in many parts of Britain and (2) that after nearly 12 years of a Labour Government, things have never so good for the BNP.

The truth is that Labour – with a few honourable exceptions – are part of the problem.

Class – does it matter?

September 14, 2008

This came up the TUC Conference earlier in the week.  I think that the item that received the most attention was Harriet Harman’s speech where there was some focus on Class.

In the article it quotes Ms Harman as saying:

“She told the BBC she wanted everyone to “get a fair crack of the whip” whatever their “socio-economic class”. “

Of course.  So do I.  It is the working classes that get the unfairest crack of the whip when taxes are high.  It was the working classes, amongst others, who got the worst deal when New Labour would not allow an honest discussion on immigration between 1997 & 2001 and regularly deployed the term “race card” as a tactic.  If she acknowledges where Labour have cocked it up for working and lower middle class families, I will more in agreement with what she says!

Theresa May was quoted as saying:

“Shadow Commons leader Theresa May said that trying to focus equality efforts on class and background was “outdated and distracts from the real issues”. “

I do not agree with that.  White Working Class boys are amongst the lower achievers in school and that is very serious.  It is working class families who have disproportionately suffered with Labour’s increases in taxation and woeful attempts to control immigration.