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6 December 2011

December 7, 2011

Yesterday was certainly the most busy day of the campaign thus far for me:

  • Interviewed by one newspaper
  • Interviewed by one radio programme
  • Interviewed by a Somalian TV Station
  • Canvassing throughout the day

Picked up the following on a brief walk to meet someone earlier:

1) Graffiti outside 16 Harlington Road East

2) Very offensive graffiti on disused notice board against wall opposite number 9 Becketts Close
No picture included because of the nature of the graffiti

3) Graffiti near 36  Harlington Road West

4) Cabinet that needs to be secured – opposite 20 Harlington Road West

Will report later this morning.

Latest on the Emergency Gas Works

October 20, 2011

I wrote the following to the relevant department at the Council this morning:

“1. I am receiving a number of complaints about work not taking place for a majority of the day e.g. workers gone by 4pm.  If true, this gives a terrible impression when the works are meant to be emergency.  I would like a briefing on what hours are being worked and why they cannot be longer in these circumstances?
2. I received a call this morning stating that all of the lights were red and this was causing chaos.  The person who called me had already contacted the police.  I also reported this on ext 2222 at around 08:12am this morning.  Please let me know what happened to that call and how quick the problem was resolved.  I would also like to know what caused it?”

I received the following prompt response this morning:

“We have had the following update from TFL in response to other complaints this week, which addresses some of your concerns, although not all.
I take your points below regarding the difficulty of putting diversions in place.  I can report that having had RTS ‘tweak’ some of the phase durations on site today traffic along Harlington road is flowing significantly better than it was yesterday.  A London buses representative was on site monitoring the flow this morning and afternoon and reported that the wait duration during peak time was down to 18 minutes from 45 which, although still very long, is a huge improvement.

We have now excavated around the leak entirely and temporarily stopped it.  The details for the special kit to be made have been passed to the company who are manufacturing the repair kit tomorrow and I have booked them for Thursday morning for its installation.  The kit utilises a fluid substance that requires 5-6 hours to solidify and this time must elapse before the hole is back filled.  I have agreed with our reinstaters that they will be on site at 4pm on Thursday to back fill the hole and we intend to tarmac it on Thursday night.  This would enable site to be cleared early on Friday morning.

Until the repair kit is fitted there is no work that we can do on site.  I appreciate that a vacant site is frustrating for members of the public but due to other ongoing work load I will not be able to maintain a site presence tomorrow.  A team will inspect the site, excavation and trench support at the start and end of their shift tomorrow as part of our normal procedures.”

This afternoon, I received the following:

“I understand you have received the information update from National Grid on Wednesday which explains why the operatives are not on site at all times. They are waiting for the specialist repair kit to be made. It is frustrating for the general public that they are experiencing huge delays and unfortunate that they are seeing the site is unmanned, in some circumstances the Utility has no option but to leave the site unmanned. It may have been useful for National Grid to display a courtesy board to explain exactly what is happening. I have responded to the complaints received this week to explain the circumstances and the majority of people who complained were happy with the information given but stated they did not see a courtesy board although the area inspector has been to site on a daily basis and confirms there are courtesy boards on display. 

Regarding the temporary lights failure this morning – The contractor notified the company – Road Traffic Solutions – as soon as they were aware of the failure. There was a fault on the temporary lights; apparently the lights will default to red until fixed and they were fixed at 10.55am.

National Grid is in contact with the area inspector and will inform him of any change to the proposed completion on 21.10.2011.”

When I complete, I will request that the Council, TfL & the National Grid determine some Learning Points for similiar situations in the future.

Emergency Works: Gas Escape on A312 Harlington Rd West

October 17, 2011

I have just received the following:

“we have been notified of a gas escape in the south-western arm of Hounslow Road at the junction with Harlington Road East/West – please see e-mail below. To undertake the necessary excavations and repairs, it is necessary to close off a section of the south-western carriageway of Hounslow Road immediately south-west of the junction. Four way temporary traffic lights will be introduced at the junction so that each arm of the junction will have its own traffic signal phase to facilitate one-way shuttle working past the closed section of road.  The works could not be delayed until the half-term holiday and will inevitably cause serious delays at this busy junction.
The works are currently scheduled to take five days but I will advise you of any change to this programme that may arise as the works proceed.”

I will suggest that this be posted on the Council’s website.

Feltham North 15/04/10

April 15, 2010

Outside 1 Park Way (markings look not too fresh):

Graffiti in Burns Avenue (junction with Shaftesbury Avenue):

I hope that the following outside 8 Harlington Road East is a temporary job:

I have reported the following sign that needs cleaning at Clymping Dene before:

I will report in the morning.

Harlington Road East bridge

March 30, 2010

Both sides of the road need be looked at as there is quite a bit of tagging.  Here are two examples:

Will report the above shortly.

Latest Feltham North leaflet

February 13, 2010

In the past 48 hours (mostly today) residents in The Dell, Harlington Road West, Clymping Dene, Walsham Road, Harlington Road East, Hounslow Road, Nursery Close, Fern Grove, Park Way, Cambria Court, Brainton Avenue, Durham Road, The Drive, Cygnet Avenue, Sparrow Farm Drive, Finch Drive, Chichester Way, Denham Road, Carlton Avenue, Viola Avenue, Byward Avenue, Baber Drive, Beeston Way, Field Road, Becketts Close, Lavender Court, Gardner Place, Lansbury Avenue, The Vale, Roman Close, Mill Way, Buckingham Avenue & Rosslyn Avenue will have received a leaflet from me.

Will post casework that I have picked up later.  In the meantime, please feel free to comment on the content.

Yesterday morning in parts of Feltham North

July 26, 2009

A hot one yesterday so did not get around as far as I would have liked but as always picked up a few things on my travels.  No idea why the following sign is so dirty but will ask for this to be cleaned:


Will be chasing the condition of the pond (again) tomorrow!


Nursery Close was looking really lovely.  Grass verges well maintained and next to no litter.  All brilliant to see!  Here is a picture from the large block (44 to 76):


Just a couple of things to report.  I will report both to Hounslow Homes – location is outside block 44 to 76:



The footway in Fern Grove was benefitting from planned maintenance:


The following bollard was damaged outside 8 Harlington Road East – will report to TfL:


The following sign was pointing in the wrong direction and therefore not serving any purpose.  Will report:


And, the following had been marked out for repair outside 70 Hounslow Road.  Will chase to see by when this will happen?