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Graffiti in Grosvenor Park

December 6, 2011

I saw the following when out and about the other day.  It was at the rear of 1 Guildford Avenue:

Will report later.

Feltham West 06/03/2010

March 7, 2010

I picked up a number of things yesterday:

1) Alleyways in Rose Avenue

A strong contrast between the two alleys.  On the positive:

And the other one:

2) Alleyway at the rear of Hanover Avenue

I entered at the side of 110 and was very concerned to see the amount of graffiti.  Here are some pictures at the side and rear:

3) Graffiti

Outside 15 Guildford Avenue:

Near 37 Princes Road:

4) Highways

Outside 3, 9 & 21 Princes Road:

Outside 25, 38, 49, 53, 61, 72, 79 Hanover Avenue:

From 28 Avenue Road:

72 Granville Avenue:

No carriageway problems in Vernon Road:

5) Sunken drain gulley

Near 12 Vernon Road:

6) Dumped pieces of wood

Outside 16 Granville Avenue:

I will report the above tomorrow morning.

Feltham West yesterday (part 2 – Rochester Estate)

December 6, 2009

Here are some things to report from Rochester.  The first is one outside 92 Rochester Avenue that Highways need to look at:

The following is again in Rochester Avenue but is outside 1 Southcote Avenue:

A similar query to my previous posting about Road Signs – this looks very rusty.  This is located on the junction with Rochester Avenue:

The following is opposite 47 Rochester Avenue:

The following is next to 71 Craven Avenue and opposite 31 Guildford Avenue:

Some tagging on the following road sign – on the junction with Guildford Avenue:

The following tagging is next to 1 Guildford Avenue:

The following tagging is outside 17 Southcote Avenue:

The following tagging is opposite 2 Rochester Avenue:

The following is outside the Rochester Parade (by KFC) and on the junction with Rose Gardens:

I will report all of these in the morning.

Earlier today in Feltham West

July 18, 2009

Was out and about in the Allied Estate.  Took quite a few pictures.  Some tagging on the streetsign in Princes Road (junction with Raleigh Road):


There were quite a few carriageway defects marked out in Princes Road.  I will find out if these will be repaired soon:


Saw quite a lot of tagging on this equipment.  This was on the junction of Princes Road and Avenue Road.  I will ask for the tagging to be removed:


The following is outside 1 Vernon Road:


The following outside 85 Vernon Road:


The following was by 89 Percival Road:


The following outside 103 Vernon Road:


The following is outside 1 Lancing Road.  I will ask for the glass to be cleared:


The following two pictures were taken in Rose Avenue – will ask if the tagging can be removed:



Again, the following taken in Rose Avenue but the alley is between Raleigh Road and Rochester Avenue.  I wonder whether something can be done about all the litter down here but I guess that there will be ownership issues:


The following is opposite 66 Guildford Avenue:


Will report these – mostly requests for tagging removal – on Monday.