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Park off Gresham Road

March 1, 2010

I noted two things yesterday.  First was the damaged swing, which I thought I had reported previously (will try and go through my files):

And, the bin looked rather full:

Will find out the schedule for emptying the bin.  Will also report the broken swing.


Park off Gresham Road

September 5, 2009

No out and about was planned for me today, which is probably a good thing as I have done my back in.  I was keen, however, to take a brief look at a few things.  The small park off Gresham Road is looking better than I have seen it before, particularly in terms of grass cutting – also pleased to see the new bin (and not full at that):


The following swing needs to be replaced:


The following swing needs to be looked at also:



I will report each of the above.