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Picked up this morning

November 10, 2010

The following is located on The Causeway at the end of Green Man Lane:

The following was on the junction of Green Man Lane and Dockwell Close:

And, quite a lot of leaves on the footway (and much of them wet too) in Faggs Road (not far from the Green Man pub):

Will report later today.

Land at rear of Hatton Green (even numbers) this morning

March 22, 2010

Someone has been tagging in the past couple of days.  Here are some pictures:

To pick up all of the above, I am afraid that it is not concentrated in one place so someone will need to walk throughout this bit of open space.

I also noticed that the fence was damaged in two places:

I will report this tagging and damage to the fence shortly.

Feltham North 20/03/10

March 22, 2010

I did not get around as much as I would have liked to with the rain but did pick up a few things:

1) Graffiti

Outside Central Parade, Sparrow Farm Drive:

Opposite 12 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Next to 14 Green Man Lane:

2) Footways

I will ask for the following to be checked out opposite 135 The Drive:

3) Carriageways

Outside 14-24 Fern Grove:

50 Fern Grove:

155 Cygnet Avenue:

Between 16 and 45 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Outside 29 and 31 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Opposite 2 Sparrow Farm Drive:

On the more positive side, I remember looking at the following outside 42 to 58 Field Road a few years ago and it was very bad – now fine:

4) Central Parade, Sparrow Farm Drive

Other than the graffiti, things were looking good.  Bin had been emptied and frontage looked clean and tidy:

Outside 10 Central Parade:

5) Bin outside 24 Faggs Road

Looked full, which I found unusual with the other bins in this street looking empty:

6) Drainage

Overflowing outside 140 Faggs Road:

Will report things in the morning.

Hatton Green Estate Inspection

March 17, 2010

I managed to attend the first bit of the above this morning.  On the whole, things were looking very good.  Hardly any litter & tagging and the roads and pavements were clean.

One thing I will say about this estate is that it is possibly one of the best examples of a Controlled Parking Zone being well received by almost all of its residents.  CPZ’s tend to split public opinion between those who want to remove a problem of their area being impacted by commuters, employees etc and those who believe it is wrong to pay to park pay within their street.

In this case, it is clear that the CPZ worked and made the estate even more pleasant.  Anyway, here are some pictures taken this morning:

Alley at the rear of 31 Hatton Green:

Alley in between 17 & 19:

At the rear of 15 & 17 (some sweeping and cutting of overgrowth is required):

The rear of 19 & 21:

A slightly leaning post, which was picked up during the inspection:

And, the one bit of tagging I did see was on the wall near number 24 (leading to Green Man Lane):

Overall, very good indeed!

That was even colder

February 19, 2010

I delivered to Hatton Green, Green Man Lane, part of Faggs Road and Owen House.  It was the coldest of the week by far.  Was nice to get to Owen House – such a lovely sheltered accommodation.

Picked up a few things but pictures not possible.

Emergency Closure – Fagg’s Road, Hatton

February 10, 2010

I received the following this morning:

“We have been advised by a contractor working on behalf of Thames Water that they need to carry out emergency works to a collapsed sewer in Fagg’s Road near to its junction with Green Man Lane. Due to the depth of the sewer and the size of excavation required it will be necessary to close Fagg’s Road in both directions whilst the works are carried out.

The closure will be put in place at 9.30am tomorrow, Thursday 11 February. It is anticipated that the works will take two weeks to complete. If work is completed earlier then the road will be opened earlier.

Due to the urgent nature of the works it has not been possible to have advance warning signs erected, but signs will be placed on all approaches tomorrow morning to advise drivers of the closure and the expect duration.

The diversion route for southbound traffic is the A30 to its junction with the A4 (Henleys Roundabout) to return along the A30 and make the left turn into A312 The Causeway. The route for northbound traffic is to continue along the A312 The Causeway and make the left turn onto the A30. Access into and out of the industrial estate and Green Man Lane will only be possible from the Hatton Cross side of the closure. Access into and out of Hatton Green will only be possible from the A312 side of the closure. Transport for London will monitor the key junctions and if necessary adjust the traffic signal timings where they can, but delays are to be expected on the diversion routes.

London Buses are aware of the closure and the buses 90, 285, 490 and X26 will also divert onto the A30 and A312 and will not be serving the bus stops opposite Hatton Green.”

The rest from 12/12/09

December 14, 2009

It appears that rubbish has possibly not been collected outside 1 Baber Drive:

The following bit of footway near 41b Hounslow Road needs a steam clean.  Because of the large tree, it is impossible for this footway to be kept free from bird mess but I will ask for (i) the area to be cleaned and (ii) for the schedule that it is cleaned because of the regular problem.

The following is not far from the entrance to 73-89 Field Road:

I am not certain if the following on the slip road outside 122 Hounslow Road would fall within the intervention levels but I will ask Highways to look at this:

The following is outside 237 to 247 Staines Road:

The following is in The Causeway (at the end of Green Man Lane):

The following works were in Beeston Way (at the end of Baber Drive):

What I found strange was the information on the sign:

I will ask what 07-09 divided 10 – 2008 means?

The following litter was near the shops at Baber Bridge Parade:

The sign at the end of Green Mane Lane needs a good clean (or replacement) and I wonder whether it is pointed in the incorrect direction?

The following is the land next to 24 Green Man Lane – there was recently a very large mound of earth that appears to have been spread around – I will ask?:

The following bollard is opposite 2 Green Man Lane and I am not certain if it serves any purpose in its current position:

The following footway opposite 85 Beeston Way cannot be used:

The following lampost opposite Speedy Hire in Staines Road appears to have been knocked and damaged a little:

Faggs Road and Green Man Lane on 11 September

September 13, 2009

I noticed that the following parking metres were covered and I will ask why?


Always pleased to see overgrowth being cut back from the footway:


And some tagging that I will need to report next to the billboard poster:


Green Man Lane and Heron Way yesterday

September 8, 2009

I was walking down the above yesterday and noticed the following.  First was fly tipping next to the end house in Green Man Lane (either 24 or 26) – needs to be removed and the fence needs to be repaired:


The following is fly tipping opposite number 14


The following is fly tipping in Heron Way (opposite the exit to Spaceways):


My walk to work

June 9, 2009

…well part of it was on foot.  I walked from my home to Hatton Cross, where I then caught a free bus.  Here are some of the things that I saw.  First something left in the bushes in Faggs Road:


Same location:


Some hedges that need to be cut back:


Some tagging that needs to be removed:


More tagging (junction of Faggs Road and Green Man Lane):


Some more overgrowth that needs cutting back:


This is what I noticed when looking closer at the silver fence:


More overgrowth:


I will report to the relevant departments.