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Latest in Faggs Road

February 18, 2010

I have just received the following:

“Further to my email of the 10 February I can now provide an update on these works, although I’m afraid it is not good news as a second collapse has been found!

The contractor has located the sewer, which is at some considerable depth below the carriageway, and will be repairing the first collapse today. It will then take until Sunday to backfill and remove the trench supports.

Once they have backfilled the first excavation they have to start the whole process again on the second collapse. Due to the second location being fairly close to the first they cannot start the second excavation until the first has been backfilled. It will take a further 7-10 days to excavate the second shaft down to the sewer and make the repair. A further 2-3 days to backfill and then 2 days to reinstate the carriageway.

It is anticipated that all of these works will be completed by Sunday 7 March and the road reopened to traffic for Monday 8 March.”

I have certainly seen the difference on other roads as a result of these works e.g. Staines Road & Great West Road.  Local residents – e.g. Hatton Green – will be informed of this latest news

Heston earlier this morning

November 22, 2009

Before taking my children to see Santa at Harrods this afternoon, I spent the morning in Heston.  Quite a few things to report.  The first was taken outside 26 Almorah Road:

The following is in Almorah Road and near the junction with Broad Walk.

The following was outside 12-20 & 15-23 Almorah Road.  Some branches need to be removed:

Bit of a sweep needed near 1 Adelaide Road:

As I have posted previously, one street in each ward has participated in the Micro-Asphalt pilot.  There appears to have been a very good job in Broad Walk:

Rubbish bags out early near 1 & 2 Broad Walk:

The following is in Broad Walk (near the junction with Great West Road) – (i) tagging and (ii) door has come off:

Sweep of leaves needed near 1 & 2 Broad Walk:

The following is outside 39 Broad Walk.  Part is already marked out for repair but this area needs to be inspected again, as there are some further defects:

The following is outside 57 Broad Walk – needs to be inspected as it is very bumpy!:

The following defect outside 1 Shenley Road has been marked up for repair:

The door is coming off the following.  It is in Shenley Road (side of 80 Vicarage Farm Road):

The following cracks are outside 54 Greencroft Road:

The following is outside 60 Greencroft Road:

The following is outside 76 Greencroft Road:

The footway needs the leaves to be removed.  The following is outside 25 Greencroft Road:

The following potholes are outside 40 to 60 Greencroft Road:

Light tagging on the following outside 320 Great West Road:

Finally, the following was dumped outside 346 Great West Road:

Will report on Monday morning.

Sutton Lane and Osborne Road

October 3, 2009

The first picture was taken on Sutton Lane (in between the Great West Road and Prospect Close):


I will ask if anything can be done about the graffiti?

The following bin is damaged on the junction of Wellington Road North and Osborne Road:


I will ask for the bin to be repaired/replaced.