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Recent walk around Glebelands

October 18, 2012

Amongst those who attended last week were representatives of the Police, Payback team, London Fire brigade & Council.  The purpose of the session was to identify specific issues that are contributing a crime and ASB.

We started at an area that I have previously mentioned on the blog before, namely the end of the alley near New Road.

One thing mooted was radically cutting the hedges down.  Were this to happen, I did ask whether ecological issues would be considered.  If you have any feedback, please let me know.

I was pleased to hear that responsibility was not far more clear for this area and again reported the overgrowth around the streetlight:

Whilst not relevant to the purpose of the session, the grass cutting at the Glebelands continues to be excellent:

Various apparatus that no longer serve any purpose will be removed.  For example:

Summary of actions:

  • Cost up the removal of the hedge (alleyway leading to Feltham BR Station)
  • Determine who owns Boundary fence to the opposite side of riverway for graffiti removal
  • Removal of 2x sports cages
  • Removal of container within the running track
  • Various Visibility-Splays

The actions will be reviewed next month.

Called out

April 4, 2012

I have been requested to post either on this blog or the Feltham, Hanworth & Bedfont facebook group about some tents at the Glebelands.

I was contacted by a constituent and then raised a reference number with the relevant department (it is 006621).  I received the following response on  28 March:

“Further to your recent request concerning Glebelands Open Space and the old Feltham Running Track, Feltham Arena I can confirm the following :-

Illegal Occupation
There are a group of 3 small tents in the corner of Gleblands OS situated in the woodland planting strip behind the old baseball cage (plan and photos attached). We spoke to one of the people in residence, who with very broken English, indicated they had been there for approximately 2 weeks and had regularly been visited by the Police. They did not indicate how long they expected to be in occupation. JLIS have checked their site inspection records and stated that CLL last formally inspected the site on 12th Sept 2011 (with their next formal inspection due on or about 9th April 2012). Meanwhile JLIS inspected on 31st Oct 2011. The occupation was not noted on either of these inspections. The tents are not highly visible from the main part of the field (photo attached illustrates) so it is understandable why the tents were not spotted by the CLL litter patrol.

As you are aware JLIS have no enforcement power under the existing contract and while they will monitor the occupation they have no power to enforce an eviction.

That being said we (LBH) shall start proceedings to get the illegal occupiers removed from the land. The overall timescale for proceedings is difficult to predict, however, as a rough guide I have been advised that we can expect undefended proceedings to be of at least two months duration.

If the proceedings are defended the timescale will depend on any number of factors such as the complexity of the matter, the defendant’s conduct and overall approach to the proceedings and the availability of Court resources. Accordingly, the timescale for defended proceedings may range anywhere from two months to five years.

Rubbish and Dumped Material
At the time of JLIS visit to Glebelands OS there was a small amount of windblown litter / rubbish etc in evidence which they have instructed CLL to clear this as a matter of urgency. The area of the old running track has a large volume of dumped rubbish (despite inspection of the bags JLIS were unable to confirm from where the waste had come from), litter etc in evidence which requires clearing, unfortunately this area is not covered under the current JLIS contract but we will arrange for JLIS to clear this within the next few weeks.”

I do not think that there is anything to add to the above.

Leader comes to Feltham North

December 4, 2009

Yesterday morning, Peter Thompson and I took a brief walk around two sites in the ward – Feltham Arena & the land around the Feltham Ex-Servicemen’s Club.  I have some outstanding casework in relation to the latter.

Everyone knows that I have been frustrated that we have not got further with the Arena but more work has been done than even I realised.  Here are some pictures.  The first photograph is where the pitch used to be (taken from the Shakespeare Avenue end):

What the next three pictures show is just how much the land around the pitch area has been raised (the plan being to put mini pitches there).  The third of them is especially revealing in that when I climbed up from the Shakespeare Avenue end I expected to be able to walk straight back down:

Whilst my frustration remains, more work has been done than even I realised.  My hope is that Feltham FC and the Planners are in discussions because local people really want a good scheme to move forward!  The potential of this site remains.

I also noticed the following that was dumped.  The nearest location is 70 Shakespeare Avenue and is at the gate to the open space between this street and Shaftesbury Avenue:

The visit to the land around the Ex-Servicemans Club (off Bedfont Lane) was also useful.  There is clearly a lot of “dead land” and I will communicate with those who contacted me when a response is received from Corporate Property at the Council.

I also noticed that there is no mound of earth at the entrance to Blenheim Park.  In the past this was required to avoid the site being occupied (as happened in 2001).  Here is what I saw:

I will report the last two pictures.

Walk home from Feltham High Street this afternoon

March 7, 2009

Walked through Feltham Park (Nursery Close side) and looking good.

Did, however, notice the following:


Will report the bags and tagging on bins on Monday.

Of more concern, is an ongoing issue of litter in the bushes at the side of the path after you turn left at the higher end of Helen Avenue:




Will be discussing with Officers at the Council what can be done.  Will report back!