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Stalls yesterday

April 25, 2010

We were on Feltham High Street yesterday morning and in Hounslow West yesterday afternoon.  I got to meet a lot of people in both places.  I met a lot more at the latter who were still thinking about who to support whereas the residents I spoke with in Feltham were firmer about whether they were going to support or oppose me. Fortunately, more were in favour than against.  I take huge satisfaction when people tell me that they used to be Labour but will support me at the election.  Only received abuse twice and unfortunately one man swore at me in front of my wife, which is something I do not appreciate.

It [me living in Feltham North] continues to be an advantage when I am out and about in Feltham.  It is crucial I continue to work all areas of the constituency.

Used the Loud Hailer a little bit and gladly introduced myself as the local candidate and the one best placed to beat Labour.

Hounslow West stall yesterday

April 21, 2010

A very successful afternoon was had in Hounslow West.  Here is a picture from the session withIqbal Butt (one of our candidates in Cranford) on the left, Tony Viney on the right and me in the centre:

Statement of Persons Nominated (General Election)

April 20, 2010

Here it is.  My initial reaction is:

  1. Three of the ten candidates live in this constituency;
  2. There were only seven candidates last time and I think that three of those lived in the constituency;
  3. I am surprised to see no English Democrat candidate as one was predicted and the man who was named lives in the constituency – Roger Cooper is still named as a candidate on their website;
  4. Three of the candidates live in the Twickenham constituency;
  5. The only candidates to have worked the entire constituency thus far has been Elizabeth Anstis (her election address has gone out), Alan Keen (lots of national stuff that would have gone out in other constituencies) and I;
  6. Elizabeth Anstis fought this seat last time, as I did.  Her and I got on very well at a personal level;
  7. My choice is the second candidate on the list and I think that he can win 😉

Leaders Debate

April 16, 2010

I have not yet commented on what happened last night.  Unfortunately, I had to cancel being out and about as I had to take my youngest to West Middlesex A&E (she is home now and we are looking after her).

I stayed in the car with my other two children, whilst my wife stayed with the baby, so listened to the debate on the radio.  I enjoyed it.  No candidate dropped any clangers.  From what I heard, my Leader performed fine.

My main frustration is that we are too polite towards Labour when Immigration is discussed.  I agree that one should try and avoid emotion on this issue but this [controlling immigration] is Labour’s biggest failure.  We must be more angry with them for this and the approach that they took between 1997 and 2001.

Launch of Conservative Manifestos

April 13, 2010

Here is the Manifesto from the Hounslow Conservatives for the Local elections.

Here is the Manifesto from the Conservative Party nationally.

Dominic Grieve

April 12, 2010

We were fortunate to receive a visit from the Shadow Secretary of State for Justice yesterday.  He and I visited a group of businessmen in Heston and he gave a brilliant address and took some questions.

And a picture with a few others at the end:

Another Shadow Cabinet Member later in the week.

Latest General Election leaflet

April 12, 2010

I am not certain if anyone is counting but I *think* we are getting out the most literature and *know* we are if we only count literature being delivered by party volunteers on foot.

My latest is the A3 ‘Change’ leaflet, which I really like (no surprise there).  I am really pleased with the balance between General and Local issues.  Anyone who agrees or disagrees can comment!

We have a visit from one of the Shadow Cabinet later today.  I will post about this later.

Can Mark Bowen win?

April 10, 2010

In the Hounslow Brentford Times, it indicated that I had a 43% chance of winning (based on the odds offered by Ladbrokes) and Mr Keen had a 55% chance.
However, I noticed this earlier today.  Interesting!

Sticking with my character

April 8, 2010

With Sir Michael Caine endorsing us this morning, I want to assure residents that whilst I am thrilled, I will not be emulating some of the brilliant characters he has played over the years as part of my tactics to persuade people to support me.  I remember a Spitting Image sketch where Michael Caine was playing Jacques Delors and someone used some interesting tactics to persuade a representative of one of the Member States to sign a treaty – on the lines of “listen punk, either sign this treaty or you know what I am gonna do?….”.  It was very funny but cannot find it on youtube.

Honest impressions of the start of the campaign is that the Conservatives are on the front foot and that the National Insurance rise is really hurting Labour but not as much as the claims from the Prime Minister that businessmen were duped.

I was genuinely surprised that Labour went for this increase as I remember Lord Digby Jones (previously part of the Government of many talents) expressing serious concern about previous increases in NI contributions and stressed that it made it more expensive to employ people.

This morning I met a very nice lady on Southern Avenue who will not be voting for me but was keen to acknowledge that she has been impressed with the difference that Conservatives have made since becoming part of the Council’s adminstration.

Out canvassing last night, and some people were keen to express concerns about the increase in Buy to Let properties over the years.  This is an example of where my views (as previously expressed on the blog) are closer to the views of residents than Party Policy.  On the whole, I received a friendly response and was encouraged.

Off to Heston this evening.

First interview of the campaign

April 6, 2010

Interviewed by BBC London at The Centre: