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Feltham Arena Meeting

August 9, 2011

A Public Meeting about the above has been organised for 8pm tomorrow at Southville Methodist Church, which is on the junction of Bedfont Lane and Tachbrook Road.  I hope that attendance is good and would encourage residents to attend.  Clearly, there has been hard work on the part of the organisers who have delivered the posters to local residents (two were put through my door).

Here is a link to the facebook group that was set up to discuss residents concerns.  I plan to attend the meeting and will comment on how it goes after the event.  As anyone who reads the Group will see, I am not exactly popular on it.  However, despite the continued contrary claims of at least one contributor, I have never been afraid to face the music when I am unpopular.  I will also continue to be true to my promise to be honest with residents, even when that makes me less popular.

I am disappointed to see that someone has decided to fly post, something I will not do with the latest leaflet from the Feltham North team of Councillors.  Here are some of the examples:

On the corner of Hounslow Road and Harlington Road West:

On Hounslow Road:

Helen Avenue (near the junction with Harlington Road West):

Outside Feltham Train Station in New Road, Feltham:

On a tree in the alley at the end of Helen Avenue:


Shaftesbury Avenue (near junction with Helen Avenue):

I will of course ask whether permission to Fly Post was given but doubt that this was the case.  I report a lot of Fly Posting, usually related to scrapping cars and the like but I am saddened to see it here when I am in no doubt whatsoever that many of the people involved care greatly about the local area, as I do.