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On my way to (and back from) The Centre

April 6, 2010

Whilst not yet quite complete, things are looking much better in the alley between Helen Avenue and New Road:

I have previously reported the following utility box in Hounslow Road near the junction with Fern Grove (opposite St Giles Hotel).  Here is what I was told:

“I refer to your blog of 24 January, 2010 regarding above subject.   Virgin Media has been notified to repair their broken cabinet within 7 seven days under Section 81 of the New Roads and Street Works Act, to maintain their apparatus in the street to the reasonable satisfaction of the street authority.”

Either it was repaired and then damaged again or it was not repaired at all?  I do not know but it needs attention:

The following needs a visit from TfL – it is outside 37 Harlington Road West:

I am about to report the above.

Feltham North 20/03/10

March 22, 2010

I did not get around as much as I would have liked to with the rain but did pick up a few things:

1) Graffiti

Outside Central Parade, Sparrow Farm Drive:

Opposite 12 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Next to 14 Green Man Lane:

2) Footways

I will ask for the following to be checked out opposite 135 The Drive:

3) Carriageways

Outside 14-24 Fern Grove:

50 Fern Grove:

155 Cygnet Avenue:

Between 16 and 45 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Outside 29 and 31 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Opposite 2 Sparrow Farm Drive:

On the more positive side, I remember looking at the following outside 42 to 58 Field Road a few years ago and it was very bad – now fine:

4) Central Parade, Sparrow Farm Drive

Other than the graffiti, things were looking good.  Bin had been emptied and frontage looked clean and tidy:

Outside 10 Central Parade:

5) Bin outside 24 Faggs Road

Looked full, which I found unusual with the other bins in this street looking empty:

6) Drainage

Overflowing outside 140 Faggs Road:

Will report things in the morning.

Latest Feltham North leaflet

February 13, 2010

In the past 48 hours (mostly today) residents in The Dell, Harlington Road West, Clymping Dene, Walsham Road, Harlington Road East, Hounslow Road, Nursery Close, Fern Grove, Park Way, Cambria Court, Brainton Avenue, Durham Road, The Drive, Cygnet Avenue, Sparrow Farm Drive, Finch Drive, Chichester Way, Denham Road, Carlton Avenue, Viola Avenue, Byward Avenue, Baber Drive, Beeston Way, Field Road, Becketts Close, Lavender Court, Gardner Place, Lansbury Avenue, The Vale, Roman Close, Mill Way, Buckingham Avenue & Rosslyn Avenue will have received a leaflet from me.

Will post casework that I have picked up later.  In the meantime, please feel free to comment on the content.

Nursery Close/Fern Grove Estate Inspection yesterday

August 28, 2009

First time I have attended one of these formal inspections in ages.  On the whole, and as reported on this blog weeks ago, the estate is looking very good.  As always in any area, a selection of some things that need to be tackled.  The first, and thankfully the only example seen on the estate, of black bags being split open:


Some damp on the tiles next to numbers 3 & 11 Nursery Close:


The Notice Board in Nursery Close still has content that is very out of date.  I cannot recall the reason I was previously given?


The following was at the rear and side of number 2 Nursery Close.  At a minimum, the weeds need to be removed:


Some of the rear communal gardens were really looking lovely:


The following sign in Fern Grove needs to be tidied up or replaced:


The Estate Monitoring Officers and Technical Inspectors who were with us would have already taken this down and reported to the relevant people so I do not need to report any of the above.

I have never known there to be such a lack of parking in Nursery Close in all my time as a Councillor, though this is clearly a daytime issue.  There was some concern expressed to me about certain corners in Nursery Close and the need for double yellow lines.  I know that a scheme has already been drafted but I hope that this can be discussed at the next tenant and residents meeting for this estate.  I will ask for this to be arranged.

Yesterday morning in parts of Feltham North

July 26, 2009

A hot one yesterday so did not get around as far as I would have liked but as always picked up a few things on my travels.  No idea why the following sign is so dirty but will ask for this to be cleaned:


Will be chasing the condition of the pond (again) tomorrow!


Nursery Close was looking really lovely.  Grass verges well maintained and next to no litter.  All brilliant to see!  Here is a picture from the large block (44 to 76):


Just a couple of things to report.  I will report both to Hounslow Homes – location is outside block 44 to 76:



The footway in Fern Grove was benefitting from planned maintenance:


The following bollard was damaged outside 8 Harlington Road East – will report to TfL:


The following sign was pointing in the wrong direction and therefore not serving any purpose.  Will report:


And, the following had been marked out for repair outside 70 Hounslow Road.  Will chase to see by when this will happen?


Traffic/Parking proposals in Nursery Close & Fern Grove

May 18, 2009

I have received a couple of enquiries about what is planned.  I received the following remarks (do not know how to upload the PDF but contact me if you wish to see a copy):

“These proposals emanated from the consultation in the area on a possible Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). You may recall that the majority of respondents to the CPZ consultation opposed such a scheme and the West Area Committee resolved not to progress the scheme. However, because of concerns regarding obstruction to both emergency service and Council refuse and recycling vehicles and also concerns of visibility splays being blocked, the Committee resolved to pursue the introduction of double yellow lines at all junctions in the area.

The draft traffic order for these restrictions has been published and this is what the local resident will have seen in the Chronicle.

After the Committee’s decision not to proceed with a CPZ, all residents in the consultation area were advised of that decision. They were also advised of the Committee’s decision to proceed with double yellow lines at all junctions and that notices outlining the proposals would be erected on lamp columns in the area at the same time as they were advertised in the local paper. Notices in Fern Grove and Nursery Close were duly erected when the proposals were advertised in the Chronicle. These notices and the press notice advised that copies of the proposed order could be viewed on the Council’s website and would also be on display at Feltham Library and at the Civic Centre.

I attach a pdf copy of a plan of the proposals which also includes the existing waiting restrictions in Fern Grove and Nursery Close. The existing restrictions apply to both sides of Fern Grove in from its junction with Hounslow Road and then continue just on the north-east side for the full length of Fern Grove. They also continue in Nursery Close on both sides to the entrance to the garage blocks. The proposed restrictions consist of very short sections either side of the entrances to Derwent Lodge and Coniston Lodge; a section on the south-west side opposite Nursery Close; and a section on the north-east side from the junction with Nursery Close to the cul-de-sac end ( this overwrites the existing restrictions here) . This section of restrictions continues round into Nursery Close, just on the north-west side, to the entrance to the garage blocks. There is then a further section of restrictions at the ‘T’ junction in Nursery Close which continues on both sides along the narrow section in front of nos. 14-24  and around the turning circle in front of nos. 2-12 Nursery Close.

As stated above, these proposals are at draft order stage and have not yet been confirmed.”

Bit of out and about today

April 19, 2009

Took the children to Bedfont Lakes and not seen that busy before.  It was great seeing so many children out with their parents on a nice day.  I noted the new signage, which I have also seen in Feltham Park.

Paid a visit to Shakespeare Avenue also.  There has been quite a bit of large scale patching of various defects on the carriageway so I was pleased to see that.  I also noticed a lot more earth on the arena site.  I must request an inspection of the site soon!

Went to Fern Grove & Nursery Close this evening.  I was keen to see the footway at the former as the West Area Committee recently prioritised it as being in need of planned maintenance.  Whilst it was quite dark, it did not appear too bad.

The main thing I saw with the latter was that the notice board had info in it that was nearly 3 years old!!  Just about to write to Hounslow Homes about that.