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Stalls yesterday

April 25, 2010

We were on Feltham High Street yesterday morning and in Hounslow West yesterday afternoon.  I got to meet a lot of people in both places.  I met a lot more at the latter who were still thinking about who to support whereas the residents I spoke with in Feltham were firmer about whether they were going to support or oppose me. Fortunately, more were in favour than against.  I take huge satisfaction when people tell me that they used to be Labour but will support me at the election.  Only received abuse twice and unfortunately one man swore at me in front of my wife, which is something I do not appreciate.

It [me living in Feltham North] continues to be an advantage when I am out and about in Feltham.  It is crucial I continue to work all areas of the constituency.

Used the Loud Hailer a little bit and gladly introduced myself as the local candidate and the one best placed to beat Labour.

Latest on land between New Road and Station Estate Road

March 12, 2010

The works I requested are pretty much complete and what a difference to a piece of land that has not been maintained for a while.

Here are the  bags from the most recent litter pick:

What a difference!

Litter at Bedfont Lane carpark

March 12, 2010

Located in the carpark between Sydney Road and the train track.  Firstly, at the end:

And, at the side of the bridge (but within the carpark):

I will request a visit and some litter picking.

Latest in Faggs Road

February 18, 2010

I have just received the following:

“Further to my email of the 10 February I can now provide an update on these works, although I’m afraid it is not good news as a second collapse has been found!

The contractor has located the sewer, which is at some considerable depth below the carriageway, and will be repairing the first collapse today. It will then take until Sunday to backfill and remove the trench supports.

Once they have backfilled the first excavation they have to start the whole process again on the second collapse. Due to the second location being fairly close to the first they cannot start the second excavation until the first has been backfilled. It will take a further 7-10 days to excavate the second shaft down to the sewer and make the repair. A further 2-3 days to backfill and then 2 days to reinstate the carriageway.

It is anticipated that all of these works will be completed by Sunday 7 March and the road reopened to traffic for Monday 8 March.”

I have certainly seen the difference on other roads as a result of these works e.g. Staines Road & Great West Road.  Local residents – e.g. Hatton Green – will be informed of this latest news

New Trees in Staines Road

February 15, 2010

Been there a good few weeks now and I keep saying I would take a picture.  This is probably amongst the extra 1000 trees that the administration said it would plant:

I have always thought it a nice sized grass verge and it means we can get the benefit of having new trees but they are sufficiently far enough away from the properties.

Quick visit to Cygnet Avenue yesterday afternoon

January 24, 2010

I have received a complaint about bollards placed around the green between numbers 17 & 43.  In addition, a number came to the surgery yesterday morning that was covered by Gill Hutchison.  I had half an hour to pop around so did so.

Here is what I saw:

On the positive side:

  1. The bollards are less intrusive than other bollards I have seen;
  2. They will serve the intended purpose in preventing people from driving over the green.

On the negative side:

  1. I would have preferred that Hounslow Homes had consulted tenants and residents;
  2. There is certainly a parking problem at this location, some of the reasons for this are typical and some are specific to this location;
  3. I am concerned about the lack of access for emergency vehicles.  I was informed that refuse was not collected for four weeks because of a lack of access – unfortunately no-one mentioned this to me until yesterday.

Typically Hounslow Homes does not support removing grassed areas for more parking and I understand the reasons why – I have never been critical.  I also understand the difficulty that Hounslow Homes are in for they (and we as local Councillors) do receive complaints about people driving over the grassed areas.  It is a very difficult situation.

However, there are some issues here and I hope that there is a solution that protects the green but also enables access without removing much needed parking capacity.

On my way there, I picked up the following:

Potholes outside 122 Hounslow Road, Feltham

Potholes in Carlton Avenue

Outside number 1:

There were more outside numbers 19, 21, 115 & 117.

Pothole between 23 & 45 Cygnet Avenue:

Big improvement in alleyway

January 4, 2010

I have previously posted on this blog about the large amount of graffiti in the alley between New Road, Feltham and Feltham Park/Helen Avenue.  What a great surprise I had over the weekend to see the following massive improvement:

At the New Road end, I noticed lots of litter the other side of the fence.  I cannot remember who is responsible for this area of land between New Road and Station Estate Road but I will make enquiries.  Here is some of the litter I saw:

Reporting continues in 2010

January 4, 2010

Here are some pictures of tagging.  The first is at the side of the Tote Bookmakers in Staines Road, Bedfont (next to junction with New Road):

And, the next two are taken in the alleyway entrance off New Road (this time the one in Feltham and not Bedfont) leading to Feltham Park, Helen Avenue etc:

There are other bits of tagging that I have seen (but did not get to take pictures):

  1. When turning left off Staines Road, Feltham into Faggs Road, there is quite a lot of tagging on the panels on the left;
  2. There is tagging on the plastic/glass at the bus stop outside the Feltham Assembly Hall in Hounslow Road – this tagging is particularly offensive;

I will report each of the above today.

Becketts, Field, HRW & The Dell

November 19, 2009

This morning, I spent nearly three hours on an estate inspection.  It never ceases to amaze me how many things are picked up on these inspections.

We started in the lovely Lavender Court.  We are very lucky in Feltham North to have two Sheltered Homes (Owen House being the other one) that are amongst the best in the Borough.

The place looked very good, as usual, and it was interesting to see the works begin on a new Conservatory.  The base was being put down:

The damaged wall was outside 30 Becketts Close:

We then visited some the two blocks in Becketts Close.  The following tagging was outside 57-76 Becketts Close:

Here is the entrance to 57-76.  I have asked for the windows to be cleaned and for some of the flyposting (taxi & racist stickers) to be removed:

The following tagging was outside 21 Becketts Close:

This was at the rear of 37-56 Becketts Close.  I was not certain if there was a blocked train under this but have asked for this to be checked:

This garage area was at the rear of 37-56 Becketts Close and 110 Field Road.  I will ask for these void garages to be given some attention:

I have asked Hounslow Homes to investigate whether they have responsibility for the following and if they do, to carry out an urgent repair.  It is next to the Garage for 68 Becketts Close:

The following pothole was outside 247 Field Road.  I think that this area is the responsibility of Hounslow Homes:

The following damaged wall is opposite 152 Field Road:

The following cracked slabs are outside 110 Field Road:

This is at the rear of 108 Field Road.  I will be asking Hounslow Homes to remove the green fencing as residents have expressed concern that people are using the broken fence to climb onto the wall.  The tagging on the wall also needs to be removed:

The following security light, according to residents, is not working.  It is located at the rear of 249 Field Road:

A lot to report.  Will do today.

Staines Road, Feltham earlier this evening

August 4, 2009

The bin outside the shop (near junction with Cassiobury Avenue) was very full.  The same applied for the bin near the junction with Shaftesbury Avenue.  I managed to get a picture:


I will ask how this could have happened and when the two bins were last emptied?